James Gunn Confirms Peacemaker Show Takes Place In DCEU

James Gunn has confirmed that the John Cena-led Peacemaker show, featuring the titular character from The Suicide Squad, will take place in the DCEU.

James Gunn confirms that the upcoming Peacemaker show starring John Cena’s character from The Suicide Squad will indeed take place in the DCEU. Cena is one of the new additions to The Suicide Squad, a not-quite sequel, not-quite reboot follow-up to the David Ayer-directed 2016 film. Peacemaker is set to begin production very shortly, according to Gunn himself.

While Cena’s famous persona and Gunn’s proven track record in the superhero genre have sparked early excitement for the project, many fans still don’t know. The Suicide Squad remains a bit of an unknown at this point, as its cast and crew’s pedigree attempts to overcome the universally negative response to the first film. The fact that Cena’s show will begin production before his film even premieres seems like a massive vote of confidence in both the star and Gunn, but it will be some time before fans have a chance to judge the final products for themselves.

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Gunn has confirmed that the Peacemaker show will be officially part of the greater DCEU, setting it apart from Matt Reeves’s Gotham PD (which is set in The Batman’s universe) and other shows like Titans and Doom Patrol. In an Instagram post, Gunn shared some casting news for the series and confirmed its in-universe status.

“Thanks @HBOMax for being a great partner so far and letting us do something truly over-the-top,” the caption reads, “And, yes, for those of you asking, this show is connected to the DC film universe. I think we’ll be the first show to air that is.”

James Gunn IG Peacemaker Casting Screenshot


This is a landmark announcement (though not a shocking one) for the future of DC’s live-action content, as it reflects a push towards combining transmedia properties into the same shared universe. The “multiverse” model introduced earlier this year will allow for some outstanding films and shows that vary notably in style or content (like Joker and The Batman). Still, Warner Brothers has remained adamant that the future of the main DCEU is a priority.

Given the success Disney has had on Disney+ with The Mandalorian and their upcoming marvel projects like Wandavision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it makes sense that Warner Bros would follow suit with a similar structure on HBO Max. While Gunn’s contributions to the DCEU remain unproven, there’s a lot of promise in what his distinct style could bring. With all that in mind, Peacemaker should be a trailblazing series for DC in more ways than one.

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