Every Character Confirmed (And Rumored) So Far

The Flash movie is looking to be one of the biggest DCEU films yet, with several DC characters confirmed for the 2022 release and many more rumored to be involved. One of the projects that has been in the works since 2014 is the solo movie for Ezra Miller’s Flash, who was cast over 6 years ago. While other heroes have gotten their franchises up and going like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, The Flash is one of the few characters whose movie has been in development hell. From multiple directors stepping down to several rewrites of the script, Miller’s DCEU movie has taken a long time to get moving.

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Warner Bros’ restructured their DC film after the critical and commercial disaster of 2017’s Justice League, and the Barry Allen-centered project got pushed back. But after several years, The Flash movie is finally starting to come together as IT director Andy Muschietti is officially helming it. This take on the fastest man alive also gained some new traction thanks to The CW’s Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, where Miller’s Flash crossed paths with Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen at last. And, while it’s not an exact adaptation, the upcoming DCEU film will put its own spin on the DC story arc Flashpoint, which will fully embrace the DC Multiverse concept that Warner Bros. is investing heavily in.

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Despite The Flash movie being a couple of years away, there are already a few major things to look forward to. Miller’s Flash is going to be surrounded by a lot of DC characters, several of whom have already been revealed. Currently, The Flash is scheduled to begin principal photography in March 2021, unless COVID-19 affects the filming industry even further. Leading up to the production, more cast members will likely begin to get announced, including both new and old faces to the DCEU. This is every DC character that is confirmed and rumored to appear in The Flash.

Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/The Flash (Confirmed)

Ezra Miller as DCEU Flash and Flashpoint


Starting with the star of the film himself, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen is currently still very early in his journey as The Flash. Despite having appeared in a few DCEU movies, Barry is still not the Scarlet Speedster everyone knows him to be, yet. While it won’t be an origin story, The Flash movie will follow a version of Barry who is still getting the hang of things. The biggest detail about his arc thus far is that he’ll go back in time to alter history in order to save his mother who was murdered when he was a kid. But because of his time-travel shenanigans, Barry also alters the present, which will come with multiple changes.

Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne/Batman (Confirmed)

One of the consequences (although pleasant for DC fans) that will come from Barry’s time travel is the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton franchise. When Barry is back in the present time, he’ll have created a universe where Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is now suddenly the Caped Crusader. Keaton’s take on the DC icon will bring a huge change to The Flash as Barry will officially get a new suit, as revealed at DC FanDome. With the Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) is not confirmed to be part of the story, it’s likely that Keaton’s Batman will play that mentor figure for Barry as he tries to figure out this new reality in The Flash movie.

Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman (Confirmed)

As if Keaton’s return to the Batman role wasn’t huge already, The Flash will see another Dark Knight join the story. Despite being reportedly done as the Caped Crused, Ben Affleck’s Batman is officially returning in The Flash movie. Whether or not he takes part in Barry’s time-travel story remains to be seen, although Muschietti has teased that Affleck’s Bruce is a “substantial part of the emotional impact” of the film. His relationship with Barry will be explored in a new way that goes all the way back to how they both have lost parents in their lives. It certainly would be a bonus if Affleck and Keaton’s respective versions of Batman got to share the screen for a brief moment.

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Billy Crudup’s Henry Allen (Confirmed)

Billy Crudup as Henry Allen

One of the first Flash characters to get cast in the DCEU after Miller landed the part of the Scarlet Speedster, was his father Henry Allen. Several years ago, Billy Crudup was cast as Barry’s remaining parent figure that was framed for the murder of his wife and has been in prison for years. Crudup, set to appear in The Flash film, first appeared in Justice League in 2017. Despite it being a given that he’d appear, it was recently revealed that Crudup was in negotiations to reprise the DC character. Given how many hiccups the project went through, the actor had seemingly departed the film. Henry will likely only have a limited role in the story, even if it might end with his name being cleared.

Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone/Cyborg (Rumored)

Ever since Rick Famuyiwa was attached to direct The Flash, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg was among the supporting characters set to appear in the movie. Given that Victor and Barry have become good friends, it made all the sense for him to be part of it. Currently, it seems that Fisher at least has an option to reprise his DC hero amidst his battle with Warner Bros. for the allegedly extremely problematic production that Whedon put him and multiple cast members through in the Justice League reshoots. While it would likely only be for a handful of scenes (at least in the current draft), having Victor be part of Barry’s story would allow their friendship to be given more spotlight. It’s also possible that fans would get to see an altered Victor in the Flashpoint timeline.

Iris West (Rumored)

One of the most important people in Barry’s life in any iteration is and always will be Iris West, the love of his life and Flash’s lightning rod. Kiersey Clemons was initially cast as the DCEU version of Iris who would make her debut in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (which will be seen on HBO Max in 2021) to then reprise the role in Miller’s solo film. Despite being set to appear as Iris next year, it’s currently unclear if Clemons will be back for Muschietti’s DC film. Back in May, rumors suggested that while Iris is in The Flash, the production is looking to recast the iconic Central City Citizen reporter. So far it hasn’t been confirmed if Clemons will be replaced or not, but at least Iris seems to be part of the film in one way or another.

Reverse-Flash (Rumored)

Reverse-Flash running storm

In the original Flashpoint storyline, Eobard Thawne a.k.a. the Reverse-Flash is a crucial part of the epic saga. Best known as Barry’s ultimate antagonist, Reverse-Flash was instrumental to Flashpoint, but apparently, that’s not the direction the film is aiming for. As of this year, it was confirmed that Reverse-Flash won’t be The Flash movie’s main villain, although it wasn’t specified if Eobard is being cut from the story completely. In the best-case scenario, if Reverse-Flash appears at all, it could be to set up his war with Barry in future installments of The Flash. Even a brief cameo would get speedster fans very excited to see how the DCEU tackles Barry’s most powerful opponent.

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Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Rumored)

While the Wonder Woman franchise still has its sequel to release, Gal Gadot may appear as the iconic DC heroine before Wonder Woman 3. According to The Illuminerdi, Gadot is apparently in talks to reprise the role of Wonder Woman in a small capacity. Given that it’s already known that The Flash will include several DC characters, including Affleck’s Batman, it’d make sense if Diana shows up in some regard. Should it indeed be in a very small portion, it’s likely that audience members would get to see some Flashpoint version of Wonder Woman, but not necessarily how the Flashpoint comic book did it. It’s always possible that Diana is only in the film for the end after Barry (presumably) restores the timeline.

Brandon Routh’s Superman (Rumored)

One of the big highlights from Crisis on Infinite Earths was Brandon Routh’s return as his version of Superman from 2006’s Superman Returns. The crossover showed what Earth-96’s Superman had been up to since 2006, where he had lost Lois and many more. But after the Multiverse was rebooted, Routh’s Man of Steel is seen briefly being his optimistic self again, leaving the door open for his Superman to show up in the future and in other DC projects. Asked about the possibility of his Superman being part of The Flash movie, Routh was definitely open to it. He made it very clear that thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths, a Superman return is possible at any point now.

Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen/The Flash (Rumored)

Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin as The Flash on Crisis on Infinite Earths

2020 began on a huge note for DC TV and DCEU fans as Miller made the cinematic universe part of the Arrowverse Multiverse during the 5-part crossover. As epic as it was to see the Flashes of two worlds together, it was a huge statement that Warner Bros. was making that day. After years of making it seem like it was impossible, the Arrowverse and the DCEU finally connected as the two actors’ respective Flashes met each other. Putting Miller’s Flash into the Crisis crossover was actually something that came from Warner’s film division, which speaks volumes on so many levels. What was previously impossible was now possible, leaving the door open for the Arrowverse and DCEU to engage in the future.

DC boss Jim Lee even confirmed back in August that the DCEU Flash gets his name from the Arrowverse version. All of Miller’s dialogue was also incredibly ambitious as he had no idea about the destruction of the Multiverse happening, but also that he had theorized about being able to meet a Barry from a different universe. Since the 5-hour event made history for Warner Bros.’ DC franchises, the idea of Gustin’s Flash appearing in The Flash movie is more possible than ever. Given how much Miller and Gustin’s scene was spoken about by Lee, Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti, DC Films head Walter Hamada at DC FanDome: could Earth-Prime’s Flash be showing up in the DCEU film?

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While additional scenes are perhaps not what they had in mind, it’s very possible that the film will, at some point, feature that Crisis scene but from Miller’s POV. Leading up to that meeting, fans might get to see how Barry gets there and where he was before being in the Speed Force with another Flash. Even if it’s reused footage, having Gustin’s Flash in a DCEU film alongside Miller would continue to emphasize the new status-quo that Warner Bros. has set up for DC films and DC TV. DC’s live-action Multiverse is what connects every single TV show and movie, past, present, and future, together. Only time will tell if Gustin ends up being in The Flash, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if he actually was. As production approaches, fans will hopefully soon officially learn what other DC characters will appear in The Flash movie.

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  • The Suicide Squad (2021)Release date: Aug 06, 2021
  • Shazam 2 (2023)Release date: Jun 02, 2023
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