Deathloop Release Date, Editions Leak On New Zealand PlayStation Store

A leak on the New Zealand PlayStation Store places Deathloop’s release date in May of 2021, though no official confirmation of that date has arrived.

Deathloop will launch for PlayStation 5 and PC  in May 2021, according to a leak from the New Zealand PlayStation Store. The announcement also included some extra information about the bonuses players can expect to receive when they preorder the game. The Digital Deluxe Edition pre-order features an exciting assortment of weapons, skins, and trinkets.

Despite the fact that Microsoft now owns Bethesda and Arkane Studios, Deathloop is still releasing as a PS5 console exclusive. The game is confirmed to have a multiplayer component. As players progress through the single-player as Colt, an assassin named Julianna can be controlled by a different online player and disrupt their campaign by trying to kill Colt. This is completely optional as players can opt for AI to control Julianna instead as she hunts her rival on Blackreef island. Deathloop‘s main character is Colt, a highly trained assassin who must navigate an unrelenting time-loop by finding creative ways to assassinate eight targets in a single day in order to stop the cycle from repeating.

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According to the New Zealand PlayStation Store, Deathloop is scheduled to release on May 21 of next year. However, it’s not known at this time if this leaked release date is consistent with other regions around the world. Different regions and countries typically have separate release dates. Neither Bethesda nor Arkane has formally announced a release date for Deathloop yet, so it’s still possible that the leaked launch date could be tentative or altogether false.

Deathloop Key Art


Anyone who pre-orders will automatically receive a “storm rider” skin that can be applied to the protagonist, Colt. Customers who purchase the game for PS5 get the Royal Protector Machete. Owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive another PS5 exclusive: the Transtar Trencher. Other items include the Eat the Rich Tribunal and .44 Karat Fourpounder weapons. The pre-order also features skins to liven up the appearances of Colt and his rival, Julianna, as they battle their way out of the time-loop. Additional pre-order features include equippable buffs and access to songs from the original in-game soundtrack.

Deathloop’s upcoming release coincides with recent power moves by both Microsoft and Sony as each company continues to widen its expenditure to ensure that its next-gen consoles are home to exclusive franchises in an effort to attract as many consumers as possible. It doesn’t end with Deathloop either – Microsoft plans to release another PS5 exclusive in the form of Ghostwire sometime in 2021 as well. The battle for console gaming has truly begun.

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Sources: New Zealand PlayStation Store, Gematsu

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