Dash & Lily: Why (& When) The Jonas Brothers Cameo

The Jonas Brothers make a cameo in Netflix’s Dash & Lily, so when exactly do the musicians show up, and why? We break down their brief appearances.

The Jonas Brothers make a cameo in Dash & Lily, so when exactly do the musicians appear, and why? Starring Austin Abrams and Midori Francis, the eight-episode romantic comedy series follows two teenagers who communicate exclusively through dares in a shared notebook.

Dash & Lily takes place during the holiday season in New York City. Hoping to live a more exciting life, Lily (Francis) leaves a red notebook marked “Do You Dare” in a bookstore, which captures the attention of a local named Dash (Abrams). The teenagers exchange light-hearted messages in the Netflix series, and eventually feel the need to meet. For Lily, who has never been kissed, she’s hoping for something more than just a literary bond. Meanwhile, Dash knows that his perpetual pessimism could destroy the friendship before it develops into something more meaningful. Dash & Lily is based on Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, a 2010 book written by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan (Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist).

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The Jonas Brothers cameo in the Dash & Lily season finale. On New Year’s Eve, Dash tries to locate Lily after learning that she’ll be moving to Fiji. So, he tracks down their mutual pal, Boomer (Dante Brown), at Hudson Yards. There, the Jonas Brothers perform “Like It’s Christmas” while Dash and Boomer address some unresolved tension. The musical cameo seems like it’s over when the narrative location shifts away from the concert venue; however, one of the band members returns in the Netflix series to offer Dash some poignant life advice.

Nick Jonas in Dash & Lily Season 1 on Netflix


After leaving the concert, Dash explains his predicament to various friends and a skeptical acquaintance named Priya (Agneeta Thacker). When thinking about Lily, Dash says, “If she stopped believing, that’s on me. I need to do something. I need to fix it.” Boomer eventually urges his friend to go out and find Lily, and Dash’s ex-girlfriend Sofia (Keana Marie) implies that he’s too hung up on fairy tale endings and trying to be like Prince Charming. Suddenly, Nick Jonas appears in the Netflix series and says, “You need to go to her as you,” before subsequently asking the group why they are in his trailer.

So, what’s the true reason for the Jonas Brothers cameo in Dash & Lily? As it turns out, Nick Jonas is one of the series’ executive producers though his company Image 32, which explains why receives a speaking role as himself. The narrative tie-in is that Nick presumably went to band camp with the punk rocker Yohnny (Trevor Braun), one of the supporting characters. While giving advice to Dash, Nick references his real-life marriage proposal to Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, saying, “When I proposed, okay, I had to dig deep. I had to get vulnerable.” Dash then experiences an epiphany and rushes out, leaving the Jonas Brother to comedically mutter, “I wasn’t done with my story, though.”

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