Captain Marvel’s Cat Can Summon An Entire Army

Captain Marvel’s cat, Chewie, is a powerful creature leading it to become an invaluable ally in Marvel Zombies, and now it can summon an entire army.

Spoiler Warning for Marvel Zombies: Ressurection #4 by Philip K. Johnson and Leonard Kirk 

In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you often don’t get the leisure of choosing your allies. For Peter Parker in the newest Marvel Zombies series, this has meant teaming up with everyone from Blade to a reprogrammed sentinel. One of the weirdest members of Spider-Man’s new crew though is the most deceptive. Captain Marvel’s cat, Chewie, has gotten the last human survivors out of more than a few scrapes, and it just saved them in the most surprising way yet. In Marvel Zombies: Ressurection #4 Chewie summons an entire army to defend his friends.

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While it might seem like a joke, Chewie is incredibly powerful. As a Flerkin, Chewie’s mouth is an interdimensional wormhole. The cat-like alien uses this to summon eldritch tentacles that consume whatever poor creature is unfortunate enough to stand in Chewie’s way. In Marvel’s latest zombie apocalypse, this ability has been used to defend the last remaining humans, consisting of Peter, Franklin and Valeria Richards, and Blade. Together the team has been dragged to the Limbo dimension by a zombified Magik. Things look even bleaker than ever before, as Limbo is swarming with even more zombies than Earth.

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The zombie hordes waste no time descending upon the survivors. While the heroes mostly hold up, Franklin is taken by the zombified remains of his mother. The former Invisible Woman howls in anger as she realizes that Franklin is immune to zombification because he is now part android. Valeria bifurcates the monster masquerading as her mother with a gun made out of Cyclops’ head. With the zombies becoming more relentless than ever, hope seems lost as the team faces a ravenous mass of undead, which is when Chewie steps up to save the day. Using the wormhole inside of it, Chewie summons an entire army of androids to protect the humans, buying them enough time to escape.

An army summoned by Captain Marvel's cat, Chewie, in Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #4.


This moment is a perfect display of why Chewie is such a fan-favorite character. Chewie has the same appeal as Squirrel Girl or DC’s Dex-Starr, as their appearance hides how powerful they really are. The gag works especially well in a setting like Marvel Zombies where Chewie can often be more horrifying than even the hordes of the undead. It’s both funny and awesome to see Chewie use his ridiculous power set to protect his found family.

Found family is an important theme in Marvel Zombies: Ressurection and, as ridiculous as it might seem, Chewie summoning an army out of thin air is symbolic of this. In a world so bleak, the most valuable ability is making a support system from nothing. Marvel Zombies: Ressurection #4 proves that loyalty and friendship can make a difference even when facing oblivion.

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