Best Buy Email Blames Sony For Delayed PS5 Release Date Arrivals

Best Buy has experienced some delays in shipping out the PlayStation 5, and an email from the retailer puts the blame on Sony regulations.

Best Buy has sent out an email to customers who pre-ordered the PlayStation 5, and it blames Sony for delayed console arrivals. Sony’s next-generation console launches today, and gamers who pre-ordered the system are strongly anticipating its arrival. The PS5’s release follows up Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S, which released earlier this week.

Many gamers are itching to get their hands on Sony’s PlayStation 5 and experience a new generation of gaming hardware. Stock for the console has grown increasingly low as the release date has grown closer, with pre-orders of the console being completely sold out in Japan. Contributing to the difficulty of acquiring the PlayStation 5 is the fact that sales of the console were conducted entirely online, with the console totally unavailable in stores. This decision was made due to COVID-19 lockdowns around the world, with online sales deemed much safer than in-person store sales.

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Twitter user @Lbabinz now reports that they have received an email from Best Buy that blames Sony for delayed PlayStation 5 arrivals. The email assures the customer that their PS5 order has shipped, but goes on to explain that late arrival times may be possible due to regulations put in place by Sony. The email reads, “If you feel like your order is taking longer than expected, please keep in mind that strict Sony regulations state that products cannot be delivered before release date.” The email also provides links to package tracking resources, so buyers can accurately track their console’s shipping status. The email does not indicate how dramatic these shipping delays will actually be, so it is possible that Best Buy is simply being cautious.

Early reviews of the PlayStation 5 have been positive, with particular praise being aimed at the console’s performance and new DualSense controller. The size of the controller, as well as the new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback system, are regarded as huge improvements over previous consoles’ controllers. Unfortunately, some malfunctions have already been experienced by those who received their consoles early. A popular YouTube game reviewer, Karak with ACG, experienced a disastrous storage glitch that completely broke his console and required him to receive a new console from Sony. Other reviewers have corroborated this issue, which is worrisome for those who are awaiting their own consoles’ arrival.

The launch day of a new console is bound to be hectic, as countless new consoles are being shipped out around the world. Best Buy blaming Sony for possible delays seems unnecessary, but it is indeed likely that security regulations have caused delays in shipping. As the PlayStation 5 begins reaching gamers’ hands throughout the day, it remains to be seen how severe these delays will truly be.

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 launches today, November 12.

Source: @Lbabinz / Twitter 

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