5 Ways Sansa Could Beat Arya (& 5 Ways Arya Could Destroy Sansa)

Over the eight seasons of Game of Thrones, the viewers learned how to play the game. From the Baratheons to the Lannisters, to the Targaryens, fans watched as each family took a turn to sit upon the throne. There were betrayals, deaths, violence, and alliances. Some were even lucky to find love. However, only one family managed to stand strong.

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Considering how selfless they all were, fans weren’t surprised to see the Stark siblings rule the Seven Kingdoms. Most people were even delighted to see Sansa be crowned Queen of the North and get the independence her people longed for. However, there was a small minority who have stimulated a debate by suggesting that Arya should have taken over instead as she was just as skilled and capable. So like Petyr Baelish, let’s pit sister against sister. If Arya had contested Sansa’s wishes, who would have come out on top?

10 Sansa: Leadership Qualities

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game Of Thrones Season 8


In order to win a war, it is important that the soldiers have faith in the leaders. Considering that no one had protested when she was named Queen of the North, it was safe to say that the people in Winterfell had more faith in Sansa than they did Arya.

While many would be grateful to Arya for destroying the White Walkers, a lot of people would still choose Sansa because of her role in the War of the Five Kings. She was the one who managed to convince the Knights of the Vale to help Jon reclaim Winterfell from the Boltons. While Jon went beyond the Wall, no one had an issue with him putting Sansa in charge because she knew the needs of her people. Compared to her sister, she was a natural leader.

9 Arya: Great Intuition

While it is important to have a team of advisors, the game has taught viewers that someone has to trust their gut instincts too. Between Sansa and Arya, it is clear that Arya had better intuition than her sister. For years, the viewers had seen Sansa get manipulated by those she was meant to trust.

Where Joffrey, Littlefinger, Ramsay, and Tyrion all used the elder Stark for their own personal gain, they weren’t able to pull the wool over Arya’s eyes. Even when Littlefinger tried to turn the Stark sisters against one another, Arya refused to fall into the trap because she knew something was wrong. Arya is always five steps ahead of her enemies.

8 Sansa: Her Allies

Although many didn’t see her as a serious threat, Sansa was a stronger ally than anyone gave her credit for. While Arya has connections with the Baratheons, Sansa’s connections are far greater. She had control of the Knights in the Vale after eliminating Littlefinger. She would have found an ally in Yara Greyjoy after Theon’s death.

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She also had Tyrion’s trust as well as Brienne of Tarth’s. Let’s not forget all the Northern Houses that would come to her aid now she was their Queen.  The only way Arya would win a major war is if Bran chose to help her – and even then he could refuse that offer.

7 Arya: Military Tactics

Between the two women, most fans would agree that Arya has more expertise with military tactics than her sister. Keeping in mind that Sansa has only witnessed the battles at Winterfell first hand, Arya has more experience on the field. She knew how to entrap her enemies by exploiting their weaknesses.

She did it in Braavos when Arya led the Waif into a trap after making the assassin believe she had the advantage. Arya managed to crawl over dead bodies and jump many rooftops to get to the godswood and save Bran. Most importantly, her shapeshifting abilities would be a major advantage on the field. She could definitely cause paranoia among Sansa’s army.

6 Sansa: Has The Love Of The People

Sansa and Tyrion in Game of Thrones

If Aria and Sansa decided to go head-to-head over the leadership in the North, it is more than likely that Sansa would still remain the Queen. For one, Arya had made it known to all that she didn’t want to spend her life locked in a castle or be pinned down. The people in the North wouldn’t want a leader who didn’t want to be there.

They would want a leader who is committed to the cause and wouldn’t abandon them in their time of need. That’s why Sansa was the best. She was the reason why the North got out of the Boltons oppression. The one who refused to trust Daenerys and fight for independence. Sansa even comforted the people while their loved ones put their lives on the line. She was the one person they would get 100% behind.

5 Arya: Knowledge Of The Land

Although Sansa knows the lands of Winterfell and King’s Landing, she wasn’t as familiar with all the nooks and crannies as Arya was. As everyone knows, Arya has traveled through a lot of kingdoms. In order to escape the guards, fans have seen her seek solace in the forests and streets.

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Sometimes she has hidden in enemy territory and remained undetected. If Sansa were to beat Arya, she would have to study up on the lands and learn all the hiding spots otherwise she would be eliminated immediately.

4 Sansa: Mentally Stronger

Another reason why Sansa would be able to annihilate Arya is her mental strength. While many believe that one should strike while the iron is hot and target their opponents’ weaknesses, Sansa proved that this wasn’t always the case. Sometimes patience is the way forward…

Take her arc for example. All Sansa wanted to do was return home and gain independence for the North. Fans watched her get tortured by the likes of Joffrey, Littlefinger, and Ramsay, and yet, she expressed great fortitude and didn’t allow them to break her. Her determination and rationality alone could win a war.

3 Arya: Physically Stronger

While Arya may not have the political alliances or strength her sister has, this doesn’t mean she would go down without a fight. In fact, half of Sansa’s army would be lost trying to take her down as Arya’s endurance is impeccable. Over the eight seasons, the viewers had seen Arya come across many enemies…

These enemies had a difficult time when it comes to fights with Arya as they couldn’t keep up with her.  For one, Arya can outrun all her enemies as she manages to infiltrate surroundings without being seen. Arya also appears to be resistant to pain, managing to take down the Night King as well as one of the Faceless assassins – despite being severely injured. Twenty people would have to ambush Arya if they were to kill her.

2 Sansa: A Better Strategist

Between Arya and Sansa, the elder Stark has more experience in the political game as she has been learning the tricks of the trade since she was a teenager. She may have been naive when fans first met her, but the eight seasons had seen her become a great advisor and strategist.

While watching Cersei, Tyrion, Olenna, and Baelish, Sansa learned a lot. She learned how to appease her enemies while also learning to exploit their weaknesses. Sansa may have been a slow learner but she did manage to outwit Jon, Daenerys, and Littlefinger to get what she wanted. In the long run, Sansa would outsmart Arya by miles.

1 Arya: A Better Combat Fighter

While Sansa would win a war due to her political strength or alliances her sister has, she had no chance of winning a fight in combat. If fans remember, Sansa wasn’t very good at protecting herself against the White Walkers. In fact, she hid in the family crypt while her sister and brother were on the frontlines.

It’s not considered a close contest either as Arya is a skilled assassin too. She had been taught the ways of the Faceless Men, managed to hold her own against Brienne of Tarth, and destroyed the Night King. From a very young age, she also proved she was skilled in archery and the water dancing style. Arya would best Sansa in this area.

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