5 Funniest Scenes From Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone (& The 5 Scariest)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a magical movie.  Serving as the introduction to the world of Hogwarts, Sorcerer’s Stone is a wonderfully written story that manages to set up its magical world, establish characters, and tell its own individual story about the hunt for a magic rock that makes people immortal. It could have easily collapsed under the weight of its own ambition, but instead, it launched a cultural icon.

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It also finds time to be both funny and scary for children and adults alike. It’s no wonder J.K. Rowling is a billionaire. She is a magnificent storyteller.

10 Funniest: Harry’s Reaction To Dumbledore



Whether intentional or not, Harry’s reaction to Dumbledore’s creepy warnings may prove the funniest scene of the entire movie. Here’s Harry, who has just learned about this magical world and who has arrived at this gorgeous castle that teaches children how to use magic.

And here is the adorable, wizardly headmaster telling 10 year old children to avoid the third floor corridor if they don’t wish to suffer a violent and horrifically painful death. Harry gives the most “WTF did I just get myself into?” face possible, and it is hilarious.

9 Scariest: The Forbidden Forest Sequence

The entire Forbidden Forest sequence is pure nightmare fuel, even for adults. The sequence begins with an eerie warning, as Malfoy is incensed that he has to spend time in the dangerous woods. The events that follow are ripped straight from a nightmare.

These include the dark and foggy atmosphere, Harry seeing a cloaked figure walking in the distance, and of course Harry’s run-in with Voldemort/Quirrell as he drinks the blood from a dead unicorn. It’s all terrifying stuff, and it certainly left an impression on generations of children.

8 Funniest: “Well Thank You For That Assessment, Mr. Weasley.”


The Harry Potter movies contain some wonderfully dry British humor, and some of it comes from none other than Professor McGonagall.

After arriving late to transfiguration class, Harry and Ron witness McGonagall turn from a cat to a human right in front of their eyes. Ron can only stare in amazement and wonder before squeaking out, “That was bloody brilliant!” McGonagall’s response is pure dry wit and sarcasm as she coldly thanks Ron for his opinion and tells them to take their seats.

7 Scariest: The Library

Harry searches the restricted section

Another creepy moment for kids and adults alike takes place in the restricted section of the school library. Right off the bat, viewers are on alert owing to its reputation as “the restricted section.” Surely there’s some bad and creepy stuff in there. The scene’s unnerving atmosphere certainly doesn’t help.

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The library is bathed in darkness, it’s quiet, and Harry is carrying around a lantern like an old ghost movie. And then he comes across the book that literally comes alive and screams bloody murder in his face with a howl from the damned. No thanks.

6 Funniest: Seamus’s Shenanigans

This one is more for the kids than the adults, but watching things blow up in Seamus’s face will never not be funny. Seamus isn’t given much to do throughout the movies, aside from serving as brief comic relief.

His biggest role can be found in the first movie, when he serves as a running gag. For some reason, Seamus can’t help blowing things up, whether it be from attempting Wingardium Leviosa or turning water into rum. It’s a simple joke, but it always gets a kick out of viewers.

5 Scariest: Voldemort Kills Harry’s Parents (& Tries Killing Harry)

Voldemort tries killing Harry

Sorcerer’s Stone is quite a heavy and scary movie, and it contains true adult fear in Voldemort slaughtering Harry’s parents. Just the concept alone proves terrifying – the dark wizard himself barges into domestic bliss and kills both parents while they defend their baby. He then turns to the baby itself and attempts to murder him.

Viewers don’t see Voldemort actually casting the death spell against Harry (it flashes to white as he casts the spell), but they do see him approach the house in his creepy cloak, and see him killing Lily. This is a movie for children?

4 Funniest: Ron Mimics Hermione


Not to tolerate or encourage Ron’s behavior or anything, but the way he mimics Hermione is always good for a laugh. Hermione, being the stuck up know-it-all that she is in the earlier movies, can’t help but act smug while correcting Ron on his pronunciation.

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This gets on Ron’s nerves, and he mimics her smugness while walking with Harry. Rupert Grint’s delivery of the line is absolutely hilarious, imbuing Ron with pure annoyance and frustration. “It’s Leviooooooosa, not LevioSAH!”

3 Scariest: Voldemort In Quirrell’s Head

Professor Quirrell, with a side of Voldemort, in a scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

One of the most horrifying images in the entire Harry Potter series has to be the image of Voldemort slowly emerging from Quirrell’s head. It’s both grotesque and shocking.

Grotesque because a face is literally coming out the back of someone’s head. Shocking because…well, did anyone really expect to see something like that? The music that accompanies the reveal also lends it a disturbing atmosphere, a threatening sound that indicates the emergence of the story’s big villain. And then he speaks in that creepy, whispery tone, and the nightmare is complete.

2 Funniest: “Troll In The Dungeon!”

One of the greatest scenes of the movie involves Quirrell barging into the Great Hall and screaming at the top of his lungs. Of course, the whole thing is a ruse, as he let the troll into the school. But that doesn’t make it any less funny.

While his initial freak out isn’t that funny, the confused and silent reaction he receives from the faculty and student body is quite entertaining. Equally as great is the pure panic that follows, including Malfoy’s look of sheer terror as he screams and drops his food.

1 Scariest: Quirrell’s Disintegration


Rounding out the horror that is this movie’s climax, Harry straight up murders Quirrell in a truly disturbing fashion. Through the “power of love” (or something), Harry’s touch burns Quirrell’s exposed skin.

With this knowledge, Harry touches Quirrell’s face, and he screams in pain as hissing sounds accompany the screams. Viewers then watch in complete horror as Quirrell’s face turns dry and cracked before he staggers forward and crumbles into dust. What a weirdly disturbing ending.

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