5 Characters We Love, 5 Others That Can Ride to Hades for Eternity

There are a lot of things that come together to make a series a hit with fans and critics. A compelling story, impressive visuals, and memorable characters are all essential to the mix. The latest animated series from Netflix, Blood of Zeus, is already a fan favorite because it balances all three. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, however, and one factor is that there might be too many stories and not enough interesting characters to make the fans care.

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There are some great heroes, villains, and everything in between in this series, but there are also some that aren’t so great. This isn’t about villains, either, the type of characters that the audience loves to hate. This is about characters that are boring, flat, annoying, and seem to be going nowhere. If Blood of Zeus gets a second season, and right now that looks likely, there are some characters that are worth keeping but others that can just float down the River Styx.

10 We Love Hera

Hera Cros Blood of Zeus


Hera’s a more complex figure than the angry girlfriend trope makes her out to be. As one of the more ancient gods in the Greek pantheon with whole volumes of mythology beyond her, it’s nice to see Hera in a bigger role.

She’s a sympathetic villain and her resentment at being constantly embarrassed by Zeus might be excessive but it’s understandable. She lived to fight again despite being seriously injured when the season came to a close.

9 Heron Can Go to Hades

Yes, the main character. Somebody had to say it. Heron follows other people around and whines a lot. It’s not even an exaggeration to say he can’t do anything without his parents.

Heron is so boring that he literally has to be surrounded by supernatural beings to be important. His triumph at the end of the final episode was utterly predictable and based on several overused twists. Okay, he has to be in season 2, but please make him more interesting. His time in the gallies gives him some glimmer, as he plans and executes a daring escape, so at least there’s hope.

8 We Love Seraphim

Blood of Zeus: Seraphim looking angry.

Who was beating up Talos and rounding up Centaur when his brother was either unconscious or crying about his mean daddy? This is a kid who got thrown off a balcony, had to watch his mother die, lost an eye, and lived a meager life out on the lam. This is the story we want to follow. Why is Heron even here?

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Seraphim’s story arc, such as it is, echoes the repetitive torture that Prometheus goes through on a daily basis. All of the breaks seemed to be reserved for his oblivious brother. Let’s hope things get better for him in Season 2.

7 Chiron the Wise Can Go to Hades

It might be interesting to find out what happened to the Centaur, but it’s hard to care about Chiron, at least the way he’s presented here. In the mythology of Greece, Chiron famously tutored heroes like Jason and was the keeper of a legendary body of knowledge.

Alexia was taught by him, which gives her some serious cred in this setting, and reinforces the old mythology. The problem is we hardly ever get to see him do anything other than help establish the setting, which is disappointing.

6 We Love Kofi

Kofi and Isaac

The same voice actor that brought Isaac of Castlevania to life gives us another great character in Kofi. A former champion of the Pan-Hellenic games, and yes those were a thing, Kofi meets Heron when they’re both regulated to galley slaves.

This character has an interesting past, and Heron recruiting him into the cause is reminiscent of Jason recruiting the best athletes to crew the Argo. He actually gets more funny lines than his sidekick Evios, who’s supposed to be the comic relief.

5 Electra Can Go to Hades

Electra has her moments, but she doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than to dictate exposition and get pushed around. If it’s not her husband, it’s Hera or the local angry townsfolk. Even Zeus cant do right by her, and Heron’s resentment for his father on behalf of how Electra ended up is the only real feeling he seems to have.

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There are some great scenes with Electra, and she could be a good character, so it feels ironic to say that she improves after she dies. Electra’s journey through the Underworld might be more interesting than her actual life if she makes it to season 2.

4 We Love Alexia


The Amazons are prominent figures in Greek mythology and ancient art, so even though she doesn’t appear in legend, a character like Alexia could have existed.

She’s one of the most active characters and the viewer follows her footsteps for the first few episodes. Her past has so far remained a mystery, but viewers got an interesting glimpse during the journey across the Dead Fields. Fans are looking forward to seeing more of that drama.

3 Apollo Can Go to Hades

Apollo Blood of Zeus

Speaking of a character with a vast background in myth and legend, why does Apollo always end up being a shallow, smirking pretty boy? Apollo was one of the most popular and well-loved gods of the ancient world and there are hundreds of myths about him, but in Blood of Zeus, he just gets played for cheap laughs.

Meanwhile, there are several other gods that don’t get any screen time at all. Let Apollo stand in the background for a change and give the floor to someone else.

2 We Love Hermes

Somehow, Hermes is a god, but he seems to be the only one who’s not a jerk. Hermes isn’t interested in covering for Zeus’ transgressions, creating drama, or whining. He just likes hanging out with the fam, fighting Ares one day, and saving him the next. His gentle demeanor is perfect for the god that guides souls to the banks of the River Styx.

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There’s also a lot to like about Hermes when it comes to aesthetics. His character design is actually nice to look at, and the animator’s interpretation of his powers is brilliant. So, more of this, please.

1 Evios Can Go to Hades

Is this character supposed to be the comic relief? The audience suspects that they are since they have a strange off-putting voice and snide remarks that are timed as if they’re supposed to be jokes.

Evios is, to put it mildly, useless. Not only is he not funny, but he joined the party late so he’s also useless when it comes to exposition. Do Evios and Kofi really have to come as a set?

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