Which Famous Country Duo Is Behind Snow Owls?

Fans of The Masked Singer have anxiously awaited the return of group A, including the Snow Owls, and we have figured out their identities.

This season of The Masked Singer introduced its first duo costume, Snow Owls, and they will be back performing for the group A finals. We think we’ve figured out who is under those masks.

There is no doubt that The Masked Singer season 4 has made guessing the identities of the celebrities more difficult. Our first hiccup was with Baby Alien. The first puppet costume ever completely obscured the person inside, taking away valuable clues to their height and build. When everyone found out that Baby Alien was Mark Sanchez, they were shocked. However, in hindsight, the clues had fit him. No costume is more challenging than Snow Owls. Not only are their bodies obscured, but there are two celebrities to identify instead of one. Even their height compared to each other is questionable, since we can’t see what kind of shoes they have on inside the “egg”.

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We originally predicted either Derek and Julianne Hough or Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black. Since then, many fans have been convinced by a YouTube video (available below) of the Hough siblings singing, “Say Something.” This is the same song that Snow Owls performed in week one. While some think this proves the identity of Snow Owls, we don’t totally agree. While we’re not entirely able to rule out the Houghs, the audio just doesn’t sound enough like Snow Owls to be completely convincing. However, the male Snow Owl sounds a whole lot like Clint Black. So, at this point, we’re leaning towards the attractive country duo of Clint and Lisa as Snow Owls, despite (or perhaps because of) this video of the Houghs singing.

The Snow Owls spoke of always having had each other’s backs. This would fit both the country couple and the dancing siblings. Male Snow Owl spoke of a messy breakup and her being there for him. While many would immediately think of a romantic breakup, just prior to their marriage, Clint Black had a messy breakup with his manager, Bill Ham. This split ended with various lawsuits and a two-year break between albums. His soon-to-be wife Lisa was there for him through that ordeal. The female Snow Owl spoke of almost missing out on an opportunity fit for a queen, which she got through because he said she could do it. He supported her. Hartman and Black have spoken publicly about how he had to push her to record their duet, “When I Said I Do,” which went on to be a hit. He also had to persuade her to perform it live. However, it was the visual clues that really sold us on Clint Black and Lisa Hartman.

First was the clue of an anchor with the word “management” on it. Clint Black appeared in the movie, Anger Management. There was a basketball with “DAL” on it. The Dallas basketball team is called the Mavericks and Black was also in the 1994 film, Maverick. Their drone clue was a witch’s hat and Lisa Hartman was in the Bewitched spin-off Tabitha, where she played (you guessed it) a witch. Previous clue links included a pearl for their daughter, Lily Pearl. They said they haven’t been seen together in a while and that this would be a family reunion on stage. This fits since their last duet performance was a while back. There was a “quarrel Canyon” sign and the couple used to live in Laurel Canyon. While all clues aren’t a perfect match and it is impossible to completely rule out the Hough siblings at this point, it does seem that Clint Black and his wife Lisa Hartman Black are the Snow Owls.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.


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