What Nintendo Should Focus On For The Switch Pro

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the best products Nintendo released, but the Switch Pro could be even better with some improvements.

The Nintendo Switch was released back in 2017 as the latest console from Nintendo at the time. It was a unique gaming platform that would allow players to switch between handheld and console play at any time they wanted. Nintendo would see massive success in console sales, with 60 million units sold as of June 30th, 2020. In fact, despite releasing three years after the Xbox One, the Switch has outpaced it in popularity by over half a million unit sales, a feat that cannot be overlooked or ignored.

Indeed, the Nintendo Switch has been a massive success for Nintendo, so much so that Nintendo felt comfortable releasing a Lite version of the console. The main difference between Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite was the absence of the “switch” function, meaning players could only use the Switch Lite in handheld mode. The Switch Lite released last year on September 20, but has already sold over 8.84 million units.

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Whispers of a Pro version of the Nintendo Switch have appeared online for some time now. Of course, going into the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, it only makes sense that Nintendo would have something up their sleeves as well. It’s clear, though, that Nintendo hasn’t intended to compete with the two behemoths in terms of hardware. However, with 4K resolution and 60fps becoming so appealing to many players, Nintendo has to play their cards more carefully and consider which direction is best for a Nintendo Switch Pro.

Nintendo Switch Pro’s Needed Improvements

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The current rumor is that the Switch Pro should aim for 4K resolution, but this might not be the best route. The Pro version could benefit from a 1440P resolution on the handheld, offering a stable 30fps, with 1080P 60/120fps as a docked console. Being able to play the impressive library of games on the Switch at a gorgeous 1440p resolution would be a massive win, especially as it’s far easier to maintain a stable 30fps than it is for 4K. Not to mention, Nintendo may retain the same size for the Switch Pro, if slightly larger, meaning they need to have enough space for everything to fit and work perfectly inside the Switch Pro.

Beyond improving the Switch Pro’s performance, something Nintendo needs to prioritize is the online subscription. The idea that players need to enter a ‘friend code’ to play together needs to be removed. Improving network stability, as well as reducing the number of connection issues, would be appreciated. Also, Nintendo needs to add party chat for players. On top of this, it would be a nice gesture from Nintendo to offer a free or two free games a month with their subscription similar to PS Plus.

Joy-Con Drift Problems MUST Be Fixed With A Switch Pro

Arguably, the biggest problem that has plagued the Nintendo Switch is the faulty joy-cons. Imagine the frustration that players feel when they’re in the middle of a boss fight or a competitive match on Super Smash Bros., and then the joy-cons begin acting up. The inconvenience this causes really can’t be excused, and the fact that it has persisted consistently over the years is ridiculous. What made the situation worse was Nintendo’s reluctance to fix the faulty devices for free until recently.

The current Nintendo Switch is a really nice piece of hardware that consists of a beautiful screen. However, it’s also perhaps one of the most delicate screens out on any handheld device. With that in mind, Nintendo should really consider a glass screen rather than plastic, and an LED screen that introduces smaller bezels to increase the amount of content that fits into the screen. Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see what Nintendo offers its fans in the next few years, as the company’s own transition to next-gen will become more and more seamless.

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