What Clare Saw On Dale’s IG & Facebook That Attracted Her

When Clare was left with the internet and a cast list, she got to Instagram stalking and fell in Instagram-love with her now-fiancé, Dale Moss.

Things on this season of The Bachelorette happened a little bit differently than they typically do. For starters, a global pandemic shut the show down before it could even start filming. But when the show finally did get up and running, it almost shut down again all too quickly, this time because Bachelorette Clare Crawley fell in love at first sight. Well, love at first Instagram sight. 

When the show shut down earlier this spring, Clare had already been given the cast list. She had the names of all the suitors who had been poised and ready to get on their way to meet her. Now, under normal circumstances, the Bachelorette knowing the names of the guys isn’t a big deal because she’s going to meet them in person in a matter of days. But this year, COVID came to play, and Clare was left to her own devices quarantining with a cast list and the internet. Enter Instagram. 

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It is expressly against the rules for the suitors and the Bachelorette to have any contact prior to the show – no texts, no DMs, etc. So when Clare and Dale seemed to fall in love at first sight, suspicions were raised. Clare didn’t just favor Dale, she called the show off after spending a handful of hours with him. She got engaged to him after their first date. How could this be possible if they weren’t already in communication prior to the show? Clare admits she spent her time quarantining checking out all the guys’ Instagrams. When it came to Dale, she said she saw, “someone I could see hanging out with.”

Clare read posts about being a dog-lover in quarantine, and sitting in her home with Honey and Elbie, she could relate. Dale posted about his sister being in a care facility just like Clare’s mom and again, she could relate. With every post, she felt closer and closer to Dale, the parallels of their lives becoming more and more evident as she scrolled. He wasn’t out partying and ignoring the worldwide pandemic. Instead, he was staying grounded and spending time with his family. It seems Clare fell in love with the image she saw Dale putting out into the world. She saw who he projected and loved it. Check out one of Dale’s sweet and loving posts about his family below:

In the end, Clare said of Dale, he “meets me on the level of what I’m looking for,” and he “is my match.” Even if they did break The Bachelorette’s rules, when it comes to two people finding true love, why would anyone ever stand in the way? So here’s to Instagram for fostering another (hopefully healthy) relationship. Cheers!

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Source: Dale Moss/Instagram


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