Tartaglia’s Best Character Build Explained

Genshin Impact’s new 1.1 update brings several new playable characters, including Tartaglia (aka Childe). Here is the best character build for him.

The new 1.1 update for Genshin Impact features several new playable characters. One of the most hotly anticipated characters in Genshin Impact is Tartaglia, also known as Childe, who’s a Hydro user with both ranged and melee attacks. He’s already one of the most powerful characters in the game now, but with the best character build, he can be even better.

Several characters, including Tartaglia-Childe, were a part of the Genshin Impact 1.1 leaks last month, but were confirmed by developer miHoYo in a live stream two weeks ago. Currently, the only way to obtain Tartaglia is through the game’s Wish system, where he’s featured as a banner character in the Farewell to Snezhnaya event. This means players will need a good bit of time and luck to acquire him.

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Tartaglia has a fairly unique mechanic within any Genshin Impact party, since he has both ranged and melee attacks. Some of his Hydro skills are also great for causing AoE damage to multiple enemies at the same time. In order to build his character correctly in Genshin Impact, players should focus on raising his ATK stats through boosting his various Elemental stats. Already considered one of the top-tier S-rank characters in Genshin Impact, Tartaglia can become even more powerful with the correct weapons and Artifacts.

Best Artifacts & Weapons For Tartaglia In Genshin Impact

tartaglia best weapons and artifacts genshin impact


The best Artifacts for Tartaglia comes from the Wanderer’s Troupe set. Although other Artifacts that boost ATK or Elemental stats will work fine, the Wanderer’s Troupe set allows Tartaglia’s Elemental Mastery to increase by 80%. With four pieces equipped, Tartaglia’s Charged Attack will get a 35% boost because he uses bows in battle. This makes the Wanderer’s Troupe Artifacts ideal for the bow-wielding character.

There are many great bows available for Tartaglia, but there’s not one that’s singularly useful for Hydro users the way some bows are great for Anemo users like Venti. The best weapon for Tartaglia in Genshin Impact is probably The Stringless, since it increases both his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by up to 48%. Players who want to focus more on his ATK stats than his Hydro damage may want to try the Rust bow, since it increases Normal Attack by up to 80%. However, Tartaglia’s true strength comes from his Elemental Attacks, so that’s where the primary focus should be.

The first major update for Genshin Impact is finally here, and with it comes new playable characters like Tartaglia, who’s also known as Childe in the game. Although he’s already incredibly powerful, with the best character build, Tartaglia can become an even greater asset to any team.

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