Spotify Testing Recommendations Promoted By Artists & Labels

Spotify is testing a recommendation feature that allows artists to highlight music and songs important to them. Here’s what you need to know.

Spotify recently started testing a new tool that promotes music recommended by artists and labels. Incorporated into the recommendations algorithm used by Spotify to suggest music that users might enjoy, the tool also offers an opportunity for artists to have more of a direct connection with those who listen to their music, as well as find new listeners.

Founded in 2006, Swedish-based Spotify has become one of the leaders in the music streaming industry. According to the company, Spotify drives 16 billion artist discoveries every month, thanks in part to its personalized recommendations feature. As staggering as that number is, Spotify’s new tool is aimed at setting the stage for an even greater number of discoveries in the future.

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With this new recommendations tool, Spotify says artists and labels will be able to pinpoint music that’s a priority for them. In doing so, Spotify’s system will fold those recommendations into the algorithm that determines personalized listening sessions. The goal is to better ensure that songs deemed important by artists gain greater listener exposure. For artists, the new discovery feature doesn’t require any upfront payment.

How Spotify’s Artist Recommendations Work

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According to Spotify, one of the goals here is to make the tool accessible to artists at various points in their careers. Spotify will include songs in listening sessions and, if they’re successful, they’ll continue adding these songs to other sessions. If they don’t perform well, they’ll be removed. In other words, even though Spotify will try to help artists highlight their music, it will only recommend content that its algorithm thinks listeners might like. To begin with, the feature is first rolling out to Spotify’s Radio and Autoplay formats, sections of the service that are already popular places for searching for new music. As it experiments in these areas, Spotify will start expanding the tool to other sections in due course.

Spotify’s algorithm is already a complex one, since it’s reliant on things like listening habits, additions to playlists, and even when songs are being listened to. However, looking at the new recommendations tool from a general perspective, it seems like it has the potential to be an effective way for new artists to reach new listeners. That being said, there’s no way of telling just how influential the feature will be on an algorithm that’s already pulling from several different directions. Still, starting off as a new artist can be tough and if this Spotify tweak only provides marginal help to emerging musicians, it’s a step in the right direction.

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