PS5: How to Set-Up Keyboard & Mouse Controls

PlayStation 5 is right around the corner with tons of different ways to play. This guide will show how players can set up a mouse and keyboard.

Certain games allow players to play with a mouse and keyboard on PS5. This guide will help players set it up. The next generation of consoles is almost here, offering more ways to play than ever before. Not only are new big-budget releases happening soon like Demon Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but this generation is backwards compatible with the PS4, bringing over hundreds of classic titles to keep players occupied. Certain titles like Final Fantasy 14 and Elder Scrolls Online are best played with a keyboard and mouse. This guide will show how players can set it up properly.

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A player’s controller options are a key component that connects the player to the game. Whether it be something that focused on motion controls like the Nintendo Wiimote or a VR headset to immerse the player into the game, each controller comes along with their own strengths and weaknesses. The neat thing about the PS5 is that players who wish to play with a mouse and keyboard have the freedom to do so. Not everyone enjoys playing with a traditional controller, especially in titles that require precise accuracy with first-person shooters or games that have several different inputs that can overwhelm regular controller players. It’s all about the options available. Here’s how players can set up a mouse and keyboard on PS5.

How To Set Up A Mouse and Keyboard on PS5


There are two different ways to set up a mouse and keyboard depending on the type you have, wireless or wired. Here’s how to set up both.

  • Wired: Connect your mouse and keyboard to the USB ports of the PS5. It will take a few seconds to set up its drivers. Afterward, head over to settings>devices and customize the keyboard and mouse how you see fit.
  • Wireless: Connect the wireless dongle to your PS5. The same method as wired. Although, if you’re using a Bluetooth keyboard, head over to the Bluetooth settings to set that up.

Once this is done, players can experience their PS5 by using their keyboard. Titles like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Overwatch are titles that players who prefer accuracy over anything will choose to use a keyboard instead of a PS5 controller. Although, having the option makes so many other games more accessible to the player. A majority of standard keyboards and mouses should work with the PS5 without any issues. The way you play is ultimately up to you.

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PS5 is available on November 12th.

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