PS5 Console Breaks Completely Due To Storage Glitch

YouTuber ACG says his his PS5 is already “100% dead” due to a dastardly storage glitch, likely worrying everyone receiving a PS5 at launch tomorrow.


The unthinkable has happened for unsuspecting YouTuber ACG, as his PlayStation 5 review unit has unexpectedly broken completely due to a bizarre storage glitch, leaving only a heavy, white-and-black brick where a next-gen gaming machine once existed. With launch day bringing the first consumer shipments of Sony consoles to players’ doors in select November 12 launch countries, this is every early PS5 adopter’s worst nightmare come true and could be a very ill omen.

Despite being the hottest (hopefully not literally) item of the Holiday 2020 season, the lead-up to PS5’s first launch wave tomorrow has not been a completely smooth one. A notorious next-gen pre-order fiasco amid the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in stunted supply lines, shortages, and customers’ inability to pick up a new console in-stores on day one for the first time in recent gaming history. At high-profile PS5 game announcement events, Sony made promises it couldn’t keep or never meant to make in the first place, and a small (but dedicated) uproar has most recently grown audible when the console manufacturer confirmed that the PS5 won’t support 1440p resolutions. However, all of that pales in comparison to players’ now-realized fears of completely nonfunctional $500 gaming machines ruining their launch experiences.

Popular YouTube game reviewer ACG reports that his PS5 was “100% dead” as of yesterday, citing “storage rebuild issues” that other PS5 reviewers – who have been playing on the same console build players will begin receiving tomorrow – have also corroborated. While his seems to have been an especially disastrous case of the storage rebuild glitch and ACG reports that Sony has been a help “working through troubleshooting” with him, this is the first credible report of a PS5 completely bricking itself, and it comes before the console has even officially released.


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Updated: November 11, 2020 — 5:21 pm

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