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Fortnite has arrived on Xbox Series X with a version that benefits from the enhanced hardware of Microsoft’s latest system by having better visuals.

Fortnite is a battle royale game developed by Epic Games that took the world by storm. It’s available on Xbox Series X at launch with next-gen improvements, creating the most visually impressive console version of Fortnite to date.

Everyone knows what happens in Fortnite, but in short: Fortnite involves 100 players being dropped onto an island with only a pickaxe to defend themselves. The goal is to be the last person standing. There are resources and weapons strewn around the island, so players have the chance to arm themselves against their opponents. The trusty Fortnite pickaxe also allows them to build basic structures, like walls and stairs. A storm quickly descends on the island and it pushes players towards each other, forcing everyone to be on their toes and ready to shift tactics at a moment’s notice. There are a variety of different modes and options available in Fortnite, but it’s that basic battle royale format that turned it into one of the most popular video games of all time.

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Fortnite is a phenomenal game for a number of reasons, but those reasons are present in every version of the game. The changes made in the Xbox Series X version of Fortnite all involve technical upgrades, so lets start by discussing some of the most popular versions of the game on modern systems.

Fortnite On Nintendo Switch & PS4

Fortnite Battle Royale Nintendo Switch


We tested Fortnite on the base Nintendo Switch with a wired Internet connection.

Pressing A to Start Menu: 00:33:8

The Switch booted Fortnite quicker than the PS4 version of the game, but the visual quality dips when starting a match. There is a notable slowdown at the start of the match when the whole map is in sight, and pop-in happens as soon as the player starts descending. When landing, the shadows on the landscape gradually peel into existence as the player approaches them. If players can handle running it at 30 fps, then Fortnite on the Switch is a decent way to play the game, especially as it can be taken on the go, but the visuals take a noticeable hit on the system.

For the PS4, we tested Fortnite on the base model with a wired Internet connection. The game was saved onto the internal memory of the system.

Pressing X To Start Menu: 01:04:2

The PS4 version of the game takes longer to boot than the Switch, but the experience is a lot smoother when a match begins. Fortnite on PS4 had no pop-in or problem loading shadows during our matches, and the gameplay was silky smooth the entire time.

Fortnite On Xbox Series X

Fortnite Xbox Series X Visuals

Booting Fortnite on Xbox Series X wasn’t as lightning-fast as we had expected. It took just under fourteen seconds from pressing the button on the Xbox menu to reach the start menu in the game. This is still a notable improvement over the other versions, but nothing major.

Fortnite on Xbox Series X is more impressive when it comes to its visuals. The game now has an option to add a frame counter to the screen, which confirms that it runs at 60fps, even at 4K resolution. Fortnite looks great on Xbox Series X, with shadows and reflective surfaces looking crisper than ever, the storm clouds looking prettier (even when running away from them), and the only pop-in occurred when descending to the island at high speed after jumping from the Battle Bus. With that being said, the overall comic book feel of Fortnite means that the visual upgrades aren’t as apparent as some other titles on Xbox Series X, like Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. What’s there has definitely been improved, but it’s not mind-blowing by any stretch of the imagination.

The changes made to the Xbox Series X version of Fortnite aren’t particularly groundbreaking in terms of what is already there on older consoles. It’s faster, but not in an exciting way, especially as many elements of the game are still tied to the player’s Internet speed. The visuals are better, but this is mitigated by the cartoonish aesthetic of the game. With all of that being said, the Xbox Series X version of Fortnite is incredibly smooth and the game looks better than the iterations on older consoles. It’s an improved version of one of the most popular video games of all time, and it’s free, so there are no drawbacks to checking it out or tying existing progress to the Xbox Series X.

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Fortnite is available now for Android, iOS, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. Fortnite will be available on PS5 when the system launches.

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