Pokémon GO To Pokémon Home Transfer Rates & Prices Explained

Pokémon Home can now transfer to Pokémon GO, but the energy cost to do so varies depending on the Pokémon’s level and rarity, and it adds up quickly.

The highly anticipated release of the transfer system between Pokémon Home and Pokémon GO is now live, and fans are eager to get their Pokémon in the transporter. However, the cost of transferring from Pokémon GO to Pokémon Home appears to be steeper than originally thought, and players will have to balance their allotted energy carefully if they are going to be transferring Shiny and Legendary Pokémon, or they might find themselves looking down the barrel of microtransactions for PokéCoins.

Currently the maximum cap for transporter energy is set at 10,000 units. The regain is 60 energy per hour, meaning that it can take almost a full week for a player to completely restore the transporter’s energy stores to full capacity. This might not seem like a big issue, until players look at the breakdown for energy transfer costs. The meager 60 Energy regen compared to the required energy needed to transfer a Shiny or Legendary Pokémon doesn’t balance at all for players who might be hoping to transfer a good number of their rare Pokémon to other games.

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It also appears that players who have taken the time to power up their Pokémon in Pokémon GO will take a hit when it comes to the required energy that is needed to use the transporter for Pokémon Home. With the already steep energy costs, if the Pokémon is shiny, players could be penalized heavily for putting resources into their favorite Pokémon, and may not even be able to transfer them at all if they are Legendary or Mythical as well as being Shiny. This hurdle could create quite an issue for those who have built a powerful team of rare Pokémon at high CP levels, and discourages players from powering up their rare catches.

There is another limitation currently keeping all players from being able to utilize the new feature for Pokémon Home. According to PokeMiners, only players at level 40 or higher are able to use the transfer system right now. While there is speculation that this is to test the features before releasing it to everyone, and to manage the traffic on the app, it is frustrating to players who have been waiting to use the transfer system but who haven’t yet reached the required level. It is also unclear as to when players at a lower level may be able to use the transporter system at all.

Pokémon Go to Pokémon Home Transfer Costs: Standard Pokémon


The energy cost requirements for standard Pokémon transfers don’t seem to be as terrible, with a limit of 100 Pokémon per full energy bar if they aren’t a high CP. Taking into account their Shiny Status and CP, the cost is currently at:

  • Base Pokémon: 10 energy
  • Shiny: +1990 additional energy to base cost
  • CP 1001-2000: +100 additional energy to base cost
  • CP 2001+: +300 additional energy to base cost

Pokémon Go to Pokémon Home Transfer Costs: Legendary Pokémon

The energy cost requirements for Legendary Pokémon go up dramatically based on their Shiny status and CP, and create a situation where only one can be transferred a week at the maximum 10,000 energy limit. Costs are currently set at:

  • Base Pokémon: 1000 Energy
  • Shiny: +9000 additional energy to base cost
  • CP 1001-2000: +300 additional energy to base cost
  • CP 2001: +500 additional energy to base cost

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Pokémon Go to Pokémon Home Transfer Costs: Mythical Pokémon

darkrai mythical pokemon go

The energy cost requirements for Mythical Pokémon are comparably steep to the Legendary costs, and are also affected by if they are shiny and what their CP is. Costs are currently set at:

  • Base Pokémon: 2000 Energy
  • Shiny: +8000 additional energy to base cost
  • CP 1001-2000: +500 additional energy to base cost
  • CP 2001+: +700 additional energy to base cost

These steep costs have an added downside. Any Pokémon that is Mythical or Legendary, as well as Shiny, cannot be transferred if it has a CP over the 1001 mark. The cost for transfer would exceed the cap of 10,000 energy needed for use of the transporter. This means that any player who has caught a Shiny Legendary or Mythical Pokémon and has spent the required Stardust and Candy to power it up will be unable to bring that Pokémon over into Pokémon Home. This feels like an excessive measure for players who have put in the time to level up these particularly rare Pokémon, and could be very frustrating for players who can’t move them with the Transporter.

For players who have the funds to spare, there is another option besides the seven day wait to be able to transfer a rare Pokémon once the energy bar is full. For 1,000 PokéCoins, a player can refill their energy bar instantly. However, the cost for this will add up quickly, as 100 coins costs roughly a dollar USD. With this knowledge, it could be hard for players to ignore the feeling that this system was designed as a cash-grab using microtransactions to turn a profit in the game. Especially since these limitations and costs weren’t present in previous transfer systems. For many younger fans without the funds, this won’t be a viable option or reasonable, especially if that ten dollars is going to transfer one Shiny Legendary or Mythical. Those unwilling or unable to spend such a steep sum will be stuck waiting for their energy bar to refill, while those who can afford it will be able to utilize the transfer system more quickly.

Now that the Pokémon Go to Pokémon Home transfer system has dropped, it is unclear when it will be available to all players, and if the system will be worth the wait due to the steep costs and long wait time for energy refill. Being able to transfer Pokémon between games has become something that many players look forward to, especially to boost end-game teams or amass all their rare finds in one place. It seems that Pokémon Home being linked to Pokémon GO might be designed more as a chance to make money than an opportunity for fans to link their games together, and share their hard earned Pokémon with console games like Sword and Shield. This could prove to be a real disappointment for players who have waited so many months for the transporter link to be released.

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