Is The Novel Adaptation Still Happening?

The Woman In Cabin 10 is a best-selling thriller from Ruth Ware and a movie adaptation was announced in 2017, but is it still happening?

Is The Woman In Cabin 10 movie still happening? Only the second novel from author Ruth Ware The Woman In Cabin 10 is a murder mystery thriller set aboard the luxury cruise ship Aurora Borealis. The story follows travel journalist Laura as she sets out on a dream cruise assignment, only to one night witness a woman being thrown overboard. Her attempts to uncover the truth only get messier when she learns all the passengers are accounted for, and the woman she saw apparently never existed.

Needless to say nothing is as it seems, with The Woman In Cabin 10 ending on a suitably twisty note. The setup for the novel is a little bit Agatha Christie mixed with thrillers like Gone Girl, and The Woman In Cabin 10 book debuted to good reviews and ended up on The New York Times Best Seller List. Even a quick glance at The Woman In Cabin 10’s plot summary should let studios know it’s ready made for a movie adaptation, and one was later announced in 2017.

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Word on The Woman In Cabin 10 movie has gone quiet in recent years, so is it still set to sail?

CBS Films Were Attached To The Woman In Cabin 10 Movie

In 2017 it was announced CBS Films would be producing the adaptation of The Woman In Cabin 10. No cast or director were linked to the project, though writer Hillary Seitz (Eagle Eye) was signed to pen the screenplay.

No Further Updates Have Been Given On The Woman In Cabin 10

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Following the initial announcement of The Woman In Cabin 10 movie, no further updates on its status have been given. In 2019 CBS Films released their final theatrical movie Jexi, starring Adam Devine, after which it was folded into CBS Entertainment Group. Its focus now is one producing original film content for CBS All Access, so The Woman In Cabin 10 may be still in development with the company.

The Woman In Cabin 10 Movie Could Still Happen

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While the lack of updates may not be encouraging, The Woman In Cabin 10 may still happen. Ruth Ware’s books are in demand, with Reese Witherspoon set to produce – though not necessarily star in – an adaptation of Ware’s first novel In A Dark, Dark Wood while The Lying Game is becoming a television series. If the In A Dark, Dark Wood movie is a hit, that will likely give The Woman In Cabin 10 adaptation a push too.

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