How to Disable PS5’s HDCP To Connect to a Capture Card

The next generation of consoles is almost here. Here’s how players can disable HDCP and use their compatible capture card for the upcoming PS5.

Trying to stream some of your favorite PS5 titles? Here’s how players can disable their HDCP on their PlayStation 5’s to use their capture card. The next generation of consoles is finally almost here, bringing along new machines for players to play some of their favorite games. In the case of the PS5, the console is releasing with massive titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and a Demon Souls remake. The PS5 does feature a built-in capture device that allows players to stream from the device itself, but that does come with its own limitations. Here’s how players can set up their PS5 to work with their capture cards.

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Capture Cards allow players to plug in any of their HD consoles to their computer and record direct on-screen footage. Entire industries have been created because of this device, helping out streamers, YouTubers, game journalists, and more do their job more effectively. Although, there are a few hurdles game companies place on their devices to prevent players from using their capture devices to record streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. Disabling HDCP allows players to play games but prevents them from opening their favorite movies and tv shows on their devices to avoid piracy. Here’s how players can disable HDCP and use their capture cards on their PS5.

How To Disable HDCP on PS5

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The PS5 is compatible with most modern capture devices. Here’s how to disable HDCP on the PS5.

  • PS5 Settings > System > HDMI > Enable HDCP > Uncheck the box

This will allow the player’s capture card to start recording or streaming any game the player would like. As mentioned, the PS5 does allow players to stream from it directly, but it prevents streamers to do neat things like creating overlays, customize their gameplay, and use other mics and webcam features like most streaming services offer. This is the best way to stream high-quality content moving forward.

Also, if the player is planning to stream in 4K, the player will need to have a 4k capture card. Even though the player has a 4k tv that the PS5 can output to, the capture card will not display it if it’s not a 4k capture device. This is going to be the most graphically advanced generation of games yet and while many of the early titles are also coming to the PlayStation 4, the PS5 version of the games comes along with new graphical updates and better load times. The next generation is finally here.

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PlayStation 5 is available on November 12th.

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