Emily in Paris Renewed for Season 2 At Netflix

Emily in Paris has been renewed for season 2 at Netflix. The renewal was confirmed in an ironic, fictional letter from Emily’s boss snooty boss Sylvie

Netflix has renewed its immensely popular rom-com series Emily in Paris for a second season. Created by Darren Star, Emily in Paris is a web comedy-drama series starring Lily Collins in the titular role. In the series, Collin’s Emily, a Midwestern girl from Chicago, moves to Paris to educate a venerable French marketing firm over the American perspective. Emily’s perception of  Paris is that of a place straight out of a fairytale. But as she arrives in the French city itself -without even knowing the native language – she experiences culture shock along with some unprecedented challenges pertaining to her love life and career.  Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat, and William Abadie round out the Emily in Paris cast.

On Tuesday, Netflix unveiled an announcement video, confirming that Emily in Paris had been renewed for season 2. The video features the series’ stars as they repeat the French word “Deux” (meaning ‘two’ in English), indicating the hit series would return for more Parisian adventures on Netflix. Per Deadline, the show alternatively also set out a flippant, fictional letter from Emily’s disdainful boss Sylvie (Leroy-Beaulieu ), which too affirmed the series’ renewal. Sylvie’s tongue-in-cheek letter was addressed to Emily’s American boss Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh), where she informed that latter about ‘regrettably’ retaining Emily at Savior for some more time.

Savior Letter Emily in Paris Renewed For Season 2


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After the cliffhanger ending in season 1, Emily in Paris undoubtedly has many issues to resolve in season 2. For one, it will have to sort out the dynamics between Emily, Gabriel (Bravo), and Camille (Razat). And it will also need to give viewers a comprehensive look at Antoine’s (Abadie) ulterior motives. But these are the things for the show to worry about. Fans must rejoice as the beloved, smash-hit (and, occasionally controversial) show is officially returning for season 2.

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Source: Netflix & Deadline

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