Check Out These Shocking & Hilarious Bachelorette 2020 Memes

If you are looking for some hilarious Bachelorette content, check out these memes that are funny, relatable, and shocking all at once.

Fans of The Bachelorette have produced many a meme over the years the show has been on the air. But with Clare Crawley’s season, there’s even more hilarious fodder to feed meme-hungry fans.

Memes exist to not only make fans laugh, but also to allow them to relate to one another over opinions they have on a particular contestant, or the franchise as a whole. Without memes, Bachelor fans would not have the Bachelor Nation community that currently exists on the internet. Here are a few Bachelorette memes from the BachelorWine Instagram account that will have any fan crying from laughter.

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First, an appreciation post dedicated to contestant Yosef from Clare’s season, who gave some great (and upsetting) drama this season. While he made good TV to a point, many fans couldn’t stand him after the long tirade he went on about Clare’s behavior. This meme features a photo of Peter Weber’s mother, Barb, during the After the Final Rose show. The image shows Barb with a sassy face and a caption above that reads, “Me every time I see Yosef on my screen.” The third meme in the post also references Yosef, this time with that an image of two women fighting where one karate kicks the other in the stomach. The caption above it reads, “Every time I see Yosef on my screen I just wanna.” Take a look at the memes for yourself in the post below:

Next is a meme for all the dog lovers. It includes an image of Clare’s golden retriever receiving pets from some of her contestants. Above the picture is a tweet that reads, “The most relatable men are the men who are petting her dog and ignoring Clare.” Anyone who loves dogs will understand that no matter who they are dating, the person will always come second to their dog. Another Twitter user took things one step further, tweeting, “Clare should really go back through the footage, find out which guys didn’t pet her dog and eliminate them.” Nothing is funnier or cuter than a meme that combines the Bachelorette and an adorable puppy. Check it out below:

The last meme is a call-back to last season of The Bachelorette with Hannah Brown when four of her suitors wore a salmon pink blazer at different times throughout her season. Fast forward to Clare’s season and Eazy was seen wearing a full, salmon-pink suit on night one of the show. The meme is captioned, “Brotherhood of the traveling blazer,” with a collage of images of the men wearing the pink blazer. It looks like Hannah’s men have created a new trend of having at least one guy wear a pink blazer. Maybe Eazy will loan out his jacket to one of the other men on his season. See his pink outfit below:

While you might feel a little guilty having a laugh at the expense of the contestants, there’s no better way to truly enjoy the show. Now that we’ve switched to Tayshia’s part of the season, we’re expecting even more hilarious memes to arise over the coming weeks.

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The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

Sources: BachelorWine

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