10 Most Disturbing Scenes From Season 3

Stranger Things has it’s fair share of horror elements, but what were the most disturbing scenes in season 3 of the Duffer Brothers/Netflix hit?

Stranger Things has some freaky aspects to it in the first two seasons. For anyone who might think the show is merely a playful advent into80s nostalgia, just a step into the first ten minutes of the first episode of season one will set the record straight on that one. Not everyone would categorize the series as straight-up horror, but it’s undeniable that there are some seriously horrifying scenes.

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The peak of the show’s horrific aspects comes with season three, when the creatures of seasons past are cast aside as lesser eveils compared to that of the Mind Flayer, come back to plague Hawkins in a new form that is entirely more upsetting and gorey than seen before. There’s just something about a monster made of deconstructed Hawkins residents that doesn’t quite compare to anything else–making fans brace themselves for what could possibly come with season four; but that’s another story.

10 The Rat Going Crazy


The Rat is only a slight disturbance compared to what comes later in the season, but the foreboding nature of it is the most striking indication of the freakish things fans can expect to see.

In this way, the rat becomes a tease that begins to tell part of the bigger story, but in the gaps of information it leaves fans are left with the sense of dread and suspension that makes the rat’s crazed behavior so unnerving to watch.

9 The Attack On The Holloways

Billy and Heather’s attack on the Holloways is upsetting and shocking.

The show has featured violent scenes before, with Hopper having no problem bashing any person who challenges him to a pulp, but there’s something darker about a possessed daughter turning on her parents, creating a nightmarish domestic violence scenario.

8 Alexei Being Shot

Fans don’t get very long to get to know Alexei, but in the short amount of time they do have with him he makes an impression.

Alexei goes through some quick character development, mostly being seen through the eyes of other characters such as Hopper and Joyce, who can only make assumptions about him due to the language barrier. But he finally begins to bond with someone and become humanized with Murray Bauman–and just at the moment he touches fans hearts and makes a friend, he’s shot while looking into Bauman’s eyes.

7 Heather In The Trunk

The scene where a possessed Billy opens up his trunk to loom over a tied-up Heather, with her mouth duct-taped shut, is reminiscent of many horror films that bring to mind similar scenarios–if not even darker ones.

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In this case, Heather has been abducted to become part of the scheme of an evil creature, but the scenario harkens to harsher realities that give the shot of Heather in the trunk a bone-chilling quality that is a little to close to reality for comfort.

6 The Thing In Eleven’s Leg

Stranger Things season 3 Eleven

Many of the most disturbing scenes in the season might feel that way for the effect they might have on a more squeamish person–or even someone who doesn’t consider themselves particularly squeamish.

The Flayer takes on a form that is, in a word, gross. It’s not easy to look at, made of animated bones and organs, so when Eleven realizes a piece of this thing is alive and moving inside of her own leg, viewers might now know what’s reeling more–their mind or their stomach.

5 The Flayer Consuming Mr. Holloway

Stranger Things season 3 Mind Flayer

Something about the way The Flayer claims Mr. Holloway is so much worse than it’s interaction with other subjects.

For all viewers know, this is the way that all of The Flayed are claimed–but it’s only with Mr. Holloway that viewers are able to see The Flayer extend its limb and suction itself to Mr. Holloway’s face, his eyes darting side to side in panic in the last moments of his consciousness as a full human.

4 The People Melting

The Flayer is a disgusting creature to behold. It is made up of some fleshy liquid mashed up with bones and organs, but it might not occur to viewers right away that it’s substance does seem to, in actuality, purely be the broken down parts of each creature it possesses.

This is made clear when the human Flayed line up and, one by one, collapse into piles of mush.

3 Mrs. Driscoll Eating Fertilizer

The show ups the ante with the advent of Mrs. Driscoll becoming possessed by the Mind Flayer.

When Nancy and Jonathan find her in the basement of her house, she is bent over a pile of fertilizer, making animalistic noises akin to those made by the rat she previously reported. Her face finally appears, manic and inhuman in expression.

2 The Moving Trees

Stranger Things Season 3 Character Ages

It’s a subtle moment, but a memorable one. The Wheeler family sits merrily at the top of the Ferris wheel at the town fair, Mrs. Wheeler urging her young daughter to look up at the fireworks.

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But the little girl is more preoccupied with something in the distance that none of the adults have noticed yet, and that only a child’s mind can lend the blood-curdling imaginative horror to–the shaking of trees, the signs of something moving closer and closer to where they are sitting.

1 Billy’s Death

Stranger Things

Billy’s death is packed with the potential for mixed emotions from fans. Billy was never on anybody’s list of most likeable characters, at least, not commonly, but by the end of season three viewers have a more in-depth grasp on who he is as a person and why he became the difficult character he is.

When he dies, it’s in the form of sacrificing himself to the Mind Flayer that plunges its claw into his chest just at the moment that fans began to sympathize with Billy.

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