10 Friendships That Should Have Happened (But Never Did)

All of the characters on Friends were pretty friendly with one another but some seemed like they could have had greater friendships than they did.

Friends was a 1990s sitcom about a tight-knit group of friends who lived in New York City and did everything together. There was a large cast of secondary and recurring characters who appeared alongside the main cast and became just as recognizable in their own right.

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Since Friends had so many great characters on the show it was difficult to give each character one on one storylines with every other character, here are some pairs that would have been fun for the show to explore.

10 Gunther And Janice

friends gunther janice


Gunther and Janice are two of the most recognizable recurring characters on Friends but they never really interacted, which could have been a fun relationship to explore.

Both Gunther and Janice’s lives are always being affected by the main cast of Friends and it would have been fun if they met up for coffee and gossiped about the main cast. Janice is known for her over the top personality and hilarious quotes, while Gunther is more subdued which would have been a fun juxtaposition.

9 Mike And Chandler

friends mike chandler

Mike (Paul Rudd) was introduced later in the series and he and Phoebe were married by the end of the series. He mostly interacted with Phoebe and had moments where he hung out with the whole group at Central Perk, but the show could have explored a friendship between Mike and Chandler because the two had such similar personalities.

Both were the funny guys of the group and big comedians and it would have been fun to see the two interact more.

8 Joey And Ross

friends joey ross

Even though both Joey and Ross were a part of the main group of friends they never really had storylines devoted to the friendship between the two. The two had such opposite personalities that it would have been hilarious to see them try to interact more one on one.

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Joey had more of a carefree and blissful existence while Ross was always thinking and became stressed over small annoyances in his life. This difference in personality could have made for some hilarious moments on the show.

7 Estelle And Janice

friends janice estelle

Estelle and Janice were both secondary characters on Friends and both of them had big over-the-top personalities. The two never met on the show, which is such a missed opportunity because the two could have had a few hilarious scenes and moments if they had been put in the same room together.

Estelle didn’t have as big a role as Janice did in the friends’ lives, but these two interacting certainly would have been interesting nonetheless.

6 David And Ross

friends david ross

David (Hank Azaria) was in a serious relationship with Phoebe near the beginning of the show and his scientific profession would have made for some hilariously geeky moments between him and archeologist Ross.

The two had small moments together, but David mostly interacted with Phoebe or the whole group and these two didn’t have an opportunity to grow a friendship on-screen.

5 Ben And Joey

friends joey ben

Ben, Ross’s son, wasn’t on the show for long but he most notably pulled pranks on Rachel and Ross throughout one of his featured episodes.

Because Ben was a little kid and such a prankster it would have been hilarious if he and Joey started out feuding because Ben pranked him, but eventually become friends and prank the other members of the group since Joey’s personality is very childish as well.

4 Janice And Phoebe

friends janice phoebe

Janice was a popular recurring character but she mostly only interacted with Chandler and Joey, which is a missed opportunity especially when she and Phoebe could have been paired up together. The two had quirky personalities that could have been elevated if they had become friends throughout the show.

Janice and Phoebe could have had wacky and wild adventures together, but unfortunately the two never really interacted.

3 Monica And Joey

friends monica joey

Monica and Joey both spent most of their time on the show interacting with Chandler, Joey as his best friend and Monica eventually marrying him, but the show never really showed Monica and Joey’s friendship even though they were both a part of the main friend group.

Joey was more of a messy character and had unhealthy eating habits, which is in direct contrast to chef Monica and the two could have had some hilarious storylines.

2 Rachel And Chandler

friends chandler rachel

Ross and Rachel and Monica and Chandler are two of the biggest relationships on Friends, but Rachel and Chandler never really had an opportunity to build their friendship even though they were both in the main group of friends.

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Chandler had more time with Monica and Joey while Rachel had more time with Ross, Monica, and Phoebe, but these two never had one on one storylines. Both had an odd and quirky sense of humor with Chandler acting like a sarcastic comedian and Rachel’s quick-witted nature and it’s a shame the show didn’t pair them up more often.

1 Gunther And Rachel

friends rachel gunther

Gunther and Rachel worked together at the Central Perk Café and it was obvious that Gunther was more into Rachel and probably liked her romantically, but the two never had any substantial scenes together as it was always a quick establishing scene when the group was getting coffee.

It would have been interesting to explore their friendship and maybe a date or two or even a short relationship amongst all the relationships on Friends since Gunther was such a staple recurring character on the show.

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