The 10 Best Rachel Weisz Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes

Rachel Weisz is an incredibly versatile actress. She played Evelyn Carnahan in the action-adventure film The Mummy alongside Brendan Fraser, and Summer, one of Ryan Reynolds’ love interests in Definitely, Maybe. She’s able to play any role, from serious to comedic, smoothly and brilliantly. Fans no doubt have a list of their favorite Rachel Weisz movies.

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Weisz’s many roles established her as a talented actress, but there are still some roles fans may not be aware of. From across genres and throughout her career, these are the best of the best.

10 Runaway Jury (73%)

Rachel Weisz Runaway Jury


Weisz plays Marlee, who, alongside her boyfriend Nick (John Cusack), manages to create a grand scheme to guarantee a jury’s decision. The case concerns a widow suing a gun manufacturing company, following the shooting death of her husband. As it turns out, Marlee and Nick are not who they say they are, and have ulterior motives for wanting the jury to swing a certain way.

9 The Whistleblower (75%)

Rachel Weisz in The Whistleblower

When Kathryn (Weisz) takes a new job with the United Nations International Police, she’s in for far more than she bargained for. She uncovers a scandal concerning a sex slavery ring, and becomes personally involved in protecting Raya and Irka, who managed to escape from the ring. Kathryn urges the two girls to testify against their traffickers in court, but unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan. For her efforts in trying to do the right thing, Kathryn loses her job, but her passion and determination are admirable.

8 The Deep Blue Sea (80%)

Tom Hiddleston and Rachel Weisz The Deep Blue Sea

Weisz’s character, Hester Collyer, is caught between a rock and a hard place in this 2011 film. Hester’s married life is far from perfect; she longs for passion. Hence, she decides to take up an affair with Freddie (Tom Hiddleston), an attractive but complicated man (due to his memories from serving in the Second World War).

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Hester fails to commit suicide, and in flashbacks, the audience learns the inner workings of both of her relationships, and understand the tough position she lives in, never quite happy with her love life.

7 Denial (82%)

Denial Rachel Weisz

The film’s plot revolves around a lawsuit against Deborah Lipstadt (Weisz) in which she was sued by David Irving for calling him a “Holocaust denier.” Lipstadt works hard alongside her legal team to prepare their defense, which includes a tour of the site of the Auschwitz camp in Poland. Lipstadt faces pressure from many sides, including the British Jewish community who wish for her to settle out of court. Weisz plays Lipstadt wonderfully, portraying her story wholeheartedly.

6 The Constant Gardener (83%)

Ralph Fiennes plays Justin Quayle, a British diplomat stationed in Kenya. He learns that his beloved wife, Tessa (Weisz) was brutally murdered. Flashbacks show the happy couple in love, but Justin learns of the things his wife kept from him, and becomes determined to finish the work she started, setting off to investigate for himself. His own investigation earns him an early demise as well, but he is reunited with his wife, and at their funerals, the scandal they were trying to uncover is finally revealed, their sacrifices not all for naught.

5 Disobedience (84%)

Rachel Weisz as Ronit as Rachel McAdams as Esti in Disobedience

Weisz stars as Ronit, who returns home upon the death of her father. As it turns out, Ronit has been estranged from her father for some time. She fails to fit in alongside the Orthodox Jewish community that she grew up in, but she does reconnect with her childhood friends, Dovid and his wife, Esti (Rachel McAdams).

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Gradually, Ronit’s past, including the reason why she left, is unveiled as she pursues a relationship with Esti, and her future, as well as Esti’s, are bettered as a result.

4 The Lobster (87%)

Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz in The Lobster

This 2015 film has a strange, but unique, plot. Farrell plays David, who has 45 days in a hotel to find a partner, or else be turned into his preferred animal, a lobster. However, David ends up escaping the establishment, and joins the “loners” in the woods. Among them is Rachel Weisz’s character, a short-sighted woman, whom he connects with and wishes to pursue a relationship with. Weisz’s character’s feelings are mutual; however, they must escape to be together, and David is willing to blind himself, as she was eventually blinded, to be with her.

3 Page Eight (93%)

In this 2011 film, Weisz plays political activist Nancy Pierpan. Nancy befriends her neighbor, Johnny, an MI5 officer. Johnny initially fears that Nancy will use his connections to her benefit, and has her investigated. However, Johnny ends up helping her greatly, as he makes it possible for Nancy to pursue a legal case against the Israelis for murdering her brother, once he ensures her brother’s file is leaked.

2 The Favourite (93%)

Olivia Colman Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz in The Favourite

Weisz plays a complicated role in the form of Sarah Churchill in this 2018 hit. Set in the eighteenth century, the film details the complex relationship between Queen Anne and her secret lover Sarah, which is further complicated by the arrival of Sarah’s cousin, Abigail (Emma Stone).

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Sarah poses a significant hold over the Queen, influencing and controlling her, and is quite brutal to her cousin, leading to a fight between them concerning Anne.

1 About A Boy (93%)

Weisz plays Rachel in this 2002 rom-com, which stars Hugh Grant as Will. Will meets the teenaged Marcus, and his friendship with him changes Will, to the point where he realizes he cannot return to his previously irresponsible lifestyle. Rachel is Will’s love interest, following his realization that he is done with his former lifestyle and wishes to pursue a serious relationship with her. Will’s lies catch up to him and temporarily ruins his relationship with Rachel, but fortunately, their love was meant to be and bridges are mended.

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