PS5 Remote Play App Will Allow PS4 Players To Stream Next-Gen Games

Sony’s new Remote Play app, which was recently added to the PlayStation 4, should allow players to stream games directly from a PlayStation 5 console.

The PlayStation 4 has had a new Remote Play app added to the system menu that will seemingly allow players to connect to a PlayStation 5 and stream games directly to the older console. The news comes hot on the heels of another announcement from Sony about how game sharing will work on the next-gen system. Players will be easily able to share their game libraries with one other console by simply toggling an option in the console’s settings.

With the launch of the PS5 just a few days away now, there’s more and more news coming out about Sony’s competitor to the Xbox Series X|S. Although it has been confirmed that the PS5 will not support one of Microsoft’s biggest next-gen features in the form of Quick Resume, it does have some other advantages. This includes a handy tool known as Game Presets, which can remember player options for multiple titles. That means players won’t have to swap settings for things like difficulty, subtitles, and visual options in every individual title.

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Sony has seemingly added the ability to play the PS5 remotely from a PS4 console via a new update. According to VGC, the Remote Play app showed up in the system menu of the current-gen system in the early hours of this morning without any prior announcement. While there has been no official confirmation from Sony, the app appears to be designed to let users play PS5 games directly on a PS4 console using internet streaming. Another Remote Play app that is currently available for mobile and PC and offers the same functionality. Unfortunately, VGC was unable to test the app as it would not connect with a pre-release PS5.

God of War PS4 Remote Play on iOS iPhone


In less positive news for the PS5, it appears as if the console will carry on the sluggish download speeds that were commonplace with the PS4. Screen Rant‘s own review noted that downloading games such as Warzone took just as long on the new console as it did on its predecessor. This is also significantly slower than the upgraded download speeds on the Xbox Series X|S.

The ability to stream PS5 games directly to a PS4 opens up a lot of possibilities for players. It means that users will be able to remotely access their games from another location and should let them use older peripherals such as the DualShock 4, something that is not currently possible with the PS5 as it does not support the older controller. Considering that Microsoft supports a wide range of game streaming options, it also helps the new PlayStation console compete with the Xbox brand.

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The PS5 is set to launch in selected territories on November 12 and in the rest of the world on November 19.

Source: VGC

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