Pokémon’s Bulbasaur Reimagined As a Ghost-Type Is Terrifying

Pokémon’s Bulbasaur, and his evolutionary line, are reimagined as ghost-types as the first in a series of ghostly Pokémon transformations.

One ambitious Pokémon fan is redesigning the first 151 Pokémon as if they were ghost-types, and the Bulbasaur evolutionary line is terrifying. There is a reason that the first three Pokémon in the Pokédex look friendly and inviting, but if they were ghost-types, players would definitely want to carry a few repels before going anywhere near an Ivysaur.

Redesigning old Pokémon and creating brand new Fakémon have become popular trends in the online artist community. Ever since the Alola region introduced regional variants to classic Pokémon, fans of the series have taken it upon themselves to create their own unique forms. Some forms are based on different regions of the real world, while others make regional variants of Pokémon from fictional locations. Fanmade Pokémon designs also take inspiration from pop-culture icons such as Godzilla.

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These hobbies can sometimes turn into creative projects spanning several months with artists creating their own regional dexes. However, one artistic Pokémon fan has committed to redesigning all 151 of the original Pokémon from Pokémon: Red & Blue as if they were all ghost-types. Reddit user bunnyglitched posted an image of the first three Pokémon (Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur) in their ghost/grass-type forms, and they look pretty gross. While Bulbasaur may have been the chosen starter companion of many, his terrifying final ghost evolution would probably deter some from picking him if he were originally a ghost-type.

Ghost Bulbasaur is still pretty cute. His droopy eyelids and paler skin tone make him look a tad bit sickly, but just enough to make the trainer want to take care of him. Ivysaur is where the ghostly features become more ghastly as its veins begin to protrude from its body. And by the time Ivysaur manages to reach level 32 and evolve into ghost Venusaur, it reaches a new level of horrifying. Trainers should continually mash the B button every time Ivysaur attempts to evolve, and if they somehow forget to stop its evolution, they need to release it into the wild. Ghost Venusaur may always haunt the player’s dreams, but there is no sense in having it haunt their team as well.

Regardless of how terrifying or disgusting ghost Venusaur’s actively rotting body may be, it will be exciting to see what bunnyglitched produces next. These types of recreations are fascinating as they take a generation of Pokémon that is beloved by many and offer a new take on some of the franchise’s most iconic monsters.

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