How to Succeed in Supraland (Tips & Tricks)

Supraland may look goofy and cute, but it is by no means an easy game. This guide will give players some tips and tricks for improving at the game.

One of the strangest and most ambitious indie games out there, Supraland, is finally on all current gen consoles. Supraland was described by its developers as similar to Portal, Metroid, and Legend of Zelda all at the same time. This may sound like bragging on the part of the developer, but its actually an apt description of Supraland as a whole. Players will be forced to solve difficult puzzles, collect new upgrades to find new areas, and go on a fantastical adventure to save their people.

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Supraland is a cutesy game, but it is by no means an easy game all of the time. As the game progresses puzzles will become much more difficult to complete and enemies will become leagues harder to kill. Those who aren’t paying attention will find themselves getting killed or stuck for hours on the same puzzles. However, those who know what they are doing will find a deeply rewarding experience. This guide gives players some simple tips and tricks to get them through the game.

Supraland: Work Backwards On Harder Puzzles


One of the best methods for solving the Portal-esque puzzles in Supraland is by first determining what you are trying to accomplish and then working backward from there. While many puzzles can be solved by experimentation and guesswork, many others will require players work pretty hard. For example, if the player is trying to open a gate or a door, look for wires to see what the door is connected to. Many times there will be a button to press. Can’t reach the button? Work from there to see what obstacles are in the way and how the game’s tools can help get around them.

Supraland: Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

A lot of the puzzles in Supraland actually have several different ways to be solved, and sometimes this means that players are able to reach areas way off the beaten path by getting creative. Different tools can be combined in strange ways in order to reach new areas or bypass obstacles to acquire secrets. This is particularly true once players obtain all of the jump upgrades and the teleporter. They can be a wide array of different ways to climb parts of the environment. A lot of the time players may feel like they are breaking the game until they find a secret chest or coins tucked away in these hidden areas, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Supraland: Pick Up Every Coin and Chest Possible

Supraland Red Crystal

Anytime there are coins or a chest nearby, players should do everything in their power to acquire them. Chests are terrific because they can either contain more coins or different upgrades that can upgrade the player’s abilities. Coins in turn will be very useful whenever player’s find a merchant because they can then purchase various powerful upgrades. It is important that in the early moments of the game that players don’t pass these up if they can.

Supraland: Grab Red and Golden Barrels

Supraland Jump Pad

Some of the most important pickups in the game are the red and golden barrels. There are two different merchants in the game that ask the player to acquire six barrels for them. By picking these barrels up and returning them to the merchants they will in turn unlock new upgrades to purchase. These will make the player drastically stronger and enable them to do a wide array of different things in the game.

Supraland: Don’t Be Afraid To Move On

Supraland Suprafield

Many of the game’s puzzles can’t be solved without acquiring upgrades or new tools. This is particularly true in the first few areas of the game when the player has very limited abilities. If players feel like they are constantly banging their head against a wall with a puzzle and can move on somewhere else they probably should. For all they know that puzzle might need a different tool to help them solve it. On the flip side though this means that as players acquire more upgrades and tools it is always a good idea to retread old areas to see if they can now complete previously unsolvable puzzles.

Supraland: Avoid Combat Early On

Supraland Enemies

Supraland may be a lot of fun to play, but its combat system is very weak for the majority of the game. It takes quite a few upgrades before players can feel confident in taking out their enemies, so the best idea is to just avoid all conflict for as long as possible. The starting sword is practically useless against the majority of enemies, so players will instead want to wait until they get the gun. The gun is ALSO pretty useless against enemies at first, so players will then want to wait until they can upgrade it before using it consistently. Once a few upgrades have been acquired, taking down large swathes of enemies can become pretty simple.

Supraland: Destroy Graves When You Have the Chance

Supraland First Area

Depending on how well players search for upgrades this may take them awhile, but they will eventually find upgrades for their weapons that allow them to destroy graves and volcano mounds. These things are what respawn enemies in each area, so by destroying them players will be able to traverse areas without encountering enemies whatsoever. The best idea is whenever players enter areas to go ahead and look for all of the respawn points they can and then demolish them. This will make exploring and solving puzzles much easier without the threat of dangerous enemies.

Supraland: Upgraded Gun Is Your Friend

Supraland Savior

Not only is the upgraded gun more powerful, but it also acquires a new ability at one point that allows players to shoot their gun projectile to make it explode. This is initially shown as a way for players to solve puzzles, but it is also incredibly useful for taking out large groups of enemies. If players wait until a group of enemies are within the range of the projectile before firing, they will be able to knock down a massive amount of health from each enemy. This will also kill weaker enemies almost instantly.

Supraland: Speak to Everyone You See

Supraland Battery Area

By far the best advice that a Supraland player can be given is to speak to every single NPC that they find on their journey, especially if they find themselves stuck on a specific puzzle. The NPCs of a given area will typically talk about the surrounding area, and will more often than not given hints on how to solve a nearby puzzle. They won’t ever give players the full answer to the problem they are trying to solve, but they will push them in the right direction or let them know what tool is best suited for the puzzle. One of the most helpful aspects of NPCs is that some of them will even let players know when they haven’t acquired the necessary upgrades or tools to complete a puzzle. This will let players know that they need to move on and come back later to solve this area.

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Supraland can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch,  and Xbox One

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