Everything To Know About Tyra Banks’ Stylist Brendon Alexander

World-renowned supermodel Tyra Banks has faced a lot of criticism for her Dancing With the Stars looks. Who is the stylist behind her outfits?

Every week, Dancing With the Stars host Tyra Banks has a new set of outfits to debut. That’s all thanks to her stylist, Brendon Alexander, who is responsible for all her hits and misses. What do you need to know about him?

Former supermodel and America’s Next Top Model creator Tyra Banks has earned lots of flack for her Dancing With the Stars outfits. Every week, she dons two or three new looks tied to whatever theme there may or may not be for the week. Almost instantaneously, Tyra drew criticism for her outfits. Some claimed she looked bad, while others accused her of trying to make the show all about her. Although Tyra doesn’t respond to critics’ opinions of her outfits, she’s quick to praise her stylist, Brendon, when she really loves her ensembles. Even if at-home audiences may not be a fan of Tyra’s looks, she certainly appreciates the style Brendon puts on the table.

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Unsurprisingly, Brendon has worked with Tyra before. He styled her for the Guardian Weekend in late March. For the shoot, Brendon chose to stick with darker, muted tones. The front page look featured Tyra in a black, mermaid-style gown. The world-renowned supermodel was able to showcase her career-defining smize through the headpiece Brendon chose. In the second and third looks, Tyra wore a grey and dark-grey chiffon dress with plenty of ruching. Brendon most certainly doesn’t style your run-of-the-mill magazine covers. The stylist’s Instagram page is populated with vibrant and experimental looks. Many out of the ordinary fabrics, shapes, and designs are chosen to create various artful looks for the shoots. This experimentalism is reflected in Tyra’s outfits for the show. Week after week, Brendon styles Tyra in elaborate looks with many metallic and colorful tones. This turns off some viewers, as they feel Tyra is trying to turn the ballroom into her own personal runway. Considering Bredon’s personal style, it makes sense that some of Tyra’s most successful looks were on 80’s night, where colorful disco-Esque looks are expected. Take a look at Brendon’s work in the Instagram post below:

Brendon is no stranger to the spotlight. In the past, he has styled musicians Teyanna Taylor, Azalea Banks, Cash Doll, J. Cole, and Jason Derulo. Most recently, Brendon styled a look for rapper Flo Milli. The shoot for Spotify made it all the way to a billboard in Times Square. The outfit was on the simpler side, with Flo Milli posing in a flame bodysuit. But whether it be for style inspiration or just general music appreciation, Brendon is a big Nicki Minaj fan. If some of Brendon’s styles find inspiration in Nicki, it would make a lot of sense. Nicki has always chosen out-of-the-box looks for her album artwork and personal style. In a way, she uses her body as a prop to advance her personal style. Brendon doesn’t shy away from styling Tyra in different getups that highlight or add on to the natural shape of her body. Take a look at Brendon mimicking his idol in the post below:

When Brendon isn’t designing, he may be rapping on Soundcloud as xe.lab. It seems the rap artist was more of a 2019 Halloween creation, rather than a full-time alter-ego, but Brendon still went all out. He released a single, set up an Instagram page, and made a music video for the make-believe rapper. From the looks of his Instagram, Brendon hasn’t returned to xe.lab to make any more tracks.

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Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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