Beyond Light, & More Coming To Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has a packed November ahead as far as new additions, including plenty of games for owners of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

With a new generation of Xbox just hours away for those jumping in on launch day, Xbox Game Pass is poised to provide a ton of new options for anyone in the Xbox ecosystem. Microsoft’s subscription service continues to be one of the Xbox’s best selling points, with the Game Pass Ultimate option providing access to over 100 titles and Xbox Live Gold, as well as PC releases and access to Xbox games on Android phones. With Microsoft poised to start pushing first-party releases once again, the subscription will only get bigger as the Xbox Series X|S generation continues.

On day one, Xbox Game Pass already provides new console owners with a good selection of titles upgraded for next-generation presentation. Many reviewing the console before launch have said that Forza Horizon 4 is the best looking game on the system thanks to the Series X upgrades. Microsoft is also bringing the goods with Gears 5, which features 4K visuals and 120 FPS multiplayer action. New console owners on Game Pass can also check out Ark: Survival EvolvedDead By Daylight, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps among others, and several other available titles have Series X versions in the works already.

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On November 10, Xbox Game Pass not only adds four more titles that will shine on the next generation of Xbox, but it’s also adding a whole other subscription service. EA Play will hit Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on console launch day, bringing everything from Titanfall 2 to Madden to Zuma’s Revenge to subscribers. It’s a total of over 60 games in all, with seven of them joining the ranks of games playable on Android through Game Pass Ultimate. Outside of EA, subscribers will be able to enjoy the console debut of Gears Tactics and Planet Coaster, as well as the Xbox debut of Tetris Effect and Beyond Light, the newest expansion for Destiny 2. Each game is set to take advantage of Xbox Series X|S hardware, although Destiny 2‘s upgrade has been pushed to later in the year. Tetris Effect: Connected will also be coming to the PC game pass, while the rest of the trio will be available on Android via the Xbox app.

Beyond launch day, there are still more Game Pass additions worth looking forward to. November 12 will see players on PC and console get access to the epic story of Squall in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. On the Android side, Gonner2 hits the cloud library, and PC players get to try out TinyBuild’s Streets of Rogue. Five days later, on November 17, Halo 4 finally joins the Master Chief Collection on PC, the Xbox Series X upgrades for the Halo collection hits consoles, and Ark: Survival Evolved players get three huge expansion packs to play with. Finally, on November 19, both Star Renegades and River City Girls round out the indie game lineup for the month.

It’s hard to argue with the value provided with Xbox Game Pass, and that’s without any big first-party support from Microsoft. With so many new studios now developing under the Xbox Game Studios banner, the service is only poised to grow, as each one of its games comes to subscribers at no additional cost. The prospect of the next Doom or Elder Scrolls being available on day one just makes it more of an unbeatably good deal.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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