Abigail Saves John In One Very Unlikely Postgame Easter Egg

In RDR2’s epilogue Abigail has the chance to bail John out of the jail in Blackwater. Even though she helps him, Abigail is far from happy about it.

Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 has plenty of optional dialogue and cutscenes that players may or may not come across on their journey through the game. While most of these moments occur throughout the main 6 chapters of Red Dead Redemption 2, there are some that can only be discovered after the player begins controlling John Marston in the epilogue. One of these cutscenes, which many players may have missed, involves Abigail getting John out of a jam in Blackwater.

Once players have finished both parts of the Red Dead Redemption 2 epilogue, they are free to continue their exploration of the game’s world as John. While the storyline indicates that John has turned to an honest life, that does not have to stop the player from continuing to commit crimes and draw the ire of the law. If John causes trouble while near the town of Blackwater in RDR2, and he decides to surrender to the police, he will be taken to the prison.

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If this is the player’s first time being arrested as John, the standard prison cutscene will not play. Instead, John is shown sitting behind a cell door as Abigail walks directly into the sheriffs office. She will begin berating John, calling him useless and claiming that she has “Had it with [him].” She will ask the deputy sitting in the office if they could expedite John’s execution, to which he responds that he doesn’t believe that would be legal. While the deputy is distracted Abigail knocks him out and opens the cell, breaking John out.

Abigail Was Not Happy About John Being Captured In RDR2

john marston in red dead redemption


After leaving the police station Abigail makes it clear that she was not really “acting” while inside. She tells John that he is “a degenerate” and a “failure” before telling him that he should not come home for a while. Considering the past eight years since the end of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Chapter 6 had revolved around the Marstons beginning a normal life, it is not surprising that Abigail would be furious at John for stirring up trouble once again in the town right next to their ranch.

Abigail’s heroics are a callback to the player’s playtime as Arthur, where there are multiple cutscenes that involve breaking Morgan out of jail. One of these breakouts involves Dutch rigging the jail house with explosives, causing a big stir as he helps Arthur escape. Another shows Hosea walking in with beers for all of the guardsman, and walking out with Arthur a free man. Although Marston no longer has the support of a full gang like Arthur did, it is good to see that his wife is still there for him, even if she is not very happy about it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is so full of content that it is unlikely for someone to see everything on their first playthrough. With that said, scenes like the Blackwater jail further set up the dynamic between Abigail and John, a relationship that ties the entire Red Dead Redemption franchise together.

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