5 Times Harry Was A “Nice Guy” (& 5 He Was Actually A Good Person)

Charlotte’s husband Harry is one of the best guys in Sex and the City, but even he has his moments… and they are pretty bad!

Throughout the years of Sex and the City, the audience learned a few things about Charlotte, she was classy, elegant and she had exquisite taste (and high standards) in men. After a few episodes, it was more than clear that Charlotte was anxious to find her tall, rich and handsome prince. When Harry Goldenblatt appeared in season five, he was by far an outlier on Charlotte’s dating chart.

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Despite his looks, he won her over, and they ended up having a happy marriage where he proved his worth more than a few times. However, there were a few times where Harry made some very questionable decisions that almost ended their relationship.

10 “Nice”: When he disrespected Charlotte


Throughout the show Sex and the City, there were many things that Charlotte did for many guys but her converting to Judaism for Harry was the most impressive of them all. The way she dedicated herself to learn every custom was to be admired. In season 6 episode 3, Charlotte prepared a perfect dinner for their first Shabbat and as she was beginning with the ritual, Harry turned on the TV and completely ignored his wife. His behavior was very disrespectful as if he didn’t take her dedication seriously. The whole thing was one very big cringe moment for the audience.

9 Good: The way he proposed

The moment when Harry proposed to Charlotte was one of the all-time fan-favorite scenes. Just after Charlotte brought the audience to tears with her heartfelt apology, there was an even bigger shock. Harry accepted her apology and rushed to kneel in front of her with a grand proposal.

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The number of emotions and tears made this moment very memorable for everyone. Harry scored a lot of points with the audience especially the fans who adored Charlotte.

8 “Nice”: When He talked trash About Charlotte’s ex-husband

Before meeting Harry, Charlotte was married to Trey McDougal and at first, their marriage seemed to be perfect. Unfortunately, after a short period of time, their sex life was almost nonexistent and their differences over most things in life brought them to the attorney’s office. Harry was the layer that Charlotte chose to handle her divorce and in the process, he fell in love with her. Everything was sweet until the moment Harry started to talk badly about Trey. The whole situation was very uncomfortable and unprofessional from his side.

7 Good: The way he treated Charlotte

The way Harry treated Charlotte from the moment they met up to the very last scene was adored by many. He was respectful, faithful, loving, and absolutely crazy about her in every possible way. Harry showed a lot of understanding of Charlotte’s demands and principles and to that, she responded with devotion and care. It is no secret that every woman wants to end up with a guy like Harry and to be treated with such respect.

6 “Nice”: When he hired a sexy nanny

In a way, it was more hilarious than serious when Harry hired Erin the nanny that wore outfits that left very little to the imagination. Since Charlotte was very worried about the wellbeing of her daughters she was able to let go of her jealousy because the nanny was so capable, but as for Harry, he definitely enjoyed the view.

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In the end, Charlotte found out that their nanny was focused on the childcare work, and that she actually preferred to date women. However, the objectification of an employee by Harry was just not ok.

5 Good: The time he got his back waxed

In the early stages of their relationship, Charlotte was embarrassed to be seen with Harry. Shortly after she gathered the courage to tell the girls about her new boyfriend, he invited her to a wedding in the Hamptons. At first, she politely declined the offer under the excuse that she was not really ready for the upcoming swimsuit season but after Harry pointed that she is perfect, Charlotte admitted that she is embarrassed to be seen with him due to his hairy back. Then and there they made a compromise if she attends the wedding he will get his back waxed.

4 “Nice”: The time he refused to continue dating Charlotte due to her religion

When Harry told Charlotte that he has to marry a Jewish woman, he broke her heart. The situation when they had the discussion was quite confusing and awkward since they were in a restaurant where Harry had just ordered tenderloin of pork. According to Charlotte, the way Harry practiced his religion was unacceptable, as well as his way of living, which made for a conversation filled with double standards.

3 Good: When he showed compassion

One of Charlotte’s biggest nightmares in life was going through a divorce and, when the moment came she was very lucky to have Harry take care of her. First, as a lawyer, he handled her case very professionally but also because of his secret crush on her, he made sure that it was as pleasant as it could possibly be.

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He even walked twelve blocks to personally hand-deliver her divorce to be there for her when she needed to sign the papers. He was aware of how difficult it would be for Charlotte to be alone during this process and he made sure he was her hero.

2 “Nice”: When he took Charlotte to the bachelor pad?

As far as most people are concerned, ‘bachelor pads’ usually fall in the category of tacky. But for some, ‘man caves’ represent the ultimate chick magnet and Harry was not an exception to this. As he brought Charlotte to the apartment of his friend he was radiant with self-confidence to the point where he started revealing all the hidden gadgets to make the atmosphere more “comfortable”. The sexy music, dimmed lights, and tacky bed were definitely too much (even if it all worked out in the end).

1 Good: The time he showed compassion for Mr. Big

Harry saved the relationship between Carrie and Mr. Big just by being sweet and romantic. The moment Carrie arrived at the hospital to see Charlotte and her new baby, Harry decided to tell her that Mr. Big had been there and said he was writing to her. It was this that led Carrie to find all the love letters he sent, and decide to forgive him. The way Harry describes the entire situation to Carrie is the ultimate good guy moment.

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