Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn Transforms a Player-Favorite Map

A major rework of Skyscraper and a few balance updates are coming to Rainbow Six Siege alongside the Neon Dawn update and new operator Aruni.

Operation Neon Dawn is almost ready to begin in Rainbow Six Siege, and Ubisoft has provided details on a map refresh and gameplay updates coming alongside new operator Aruni. As previously reported, the new defender packs a new gadget that emits laser grids over windows, hatches, and doors. Projectiles caught in the lasers will burn into nothing, while attackers caught in the bright lights will lose a good chunk of their health. The new character also packs a prosthetic metal arm, and players on the PC test server can use it to smash through walls with startling efficiency. If gameplay balance remains with that ability, players should expect it to extend to other versions of the game eventually.

Not only are Siege players getting ready for a new operative, but they’re also getting ready for the next generation of consoles. Siege is one of several Ubisoft titles getting a free upgrade on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. The publisher promises gameplay in 4K at up to 120 frames a second on the new hardware. The maximum frame rate will only be available on certain televisions, but those with the ability that already have the console have raved about the experience it brings to multiplayer gameplay.

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Whatever platform Siege players are on, they’ll be able to experience a rework of fan-favorite map Skyscraper as seen in the Neon Dawn preview trailer Ubisoft released this past weekend. The map was previously known as one with plenty of balconies where attackers could sit and take potshots at defenders. This has been changed, which Ubisoft hopes will drive players indoors and into the action. The developers have also rebalanced the bombsites on the map to try to make things more competitive and completely changed the rotation of attackers and defenders on the map’s second floor. The newly balanced map will hit the game along with several other rebalancing tweaks to favorite operatives.

First off, attacker Hibana’s X-KAIROS grenade launcher can toggle between two, four, and six pellets, giving the characters more potential to break through barriers and get into any compound. Fellow Operation Red Crow operator Echo received a tweak to his Yokai drones that removes their cloaking ability, which should be good news to attacking players. Another balancing update comes to Jäger’s Active Defense System, which now has a brief cooldown window after it takes down any incoming projectiles. Finally, defenders who exit the building they’re defending will have less time to flank their opponents, as the reveal timer has been shortened considerably.

Service games like Rainbow Six Siege will pose an interesting test when it comes to this week’s step into the next generation of consoles. While there were a few examples of games straddling the line last time around, the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 will be full of vibrant years-old games that are still getting updates. Many will also get updates to bring them into the next generation with 4K graphics and improved frame rates. While it seems that gaming is attracting more players than ever, it makes one wonder if these games will live to the lengths of the strongest MMOs. More importantly, will it be even harder going forward for a new game to capture a bit of the market and stand on its own?

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Source: Ubisoft

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