PS5 Download Speeds Aren’t Any Faster Than PS4

Through testing so far, PS5 download speeds are the same as PS4. That’s big – the latter was known for slow downloads and PS5 has limited SSD space.

PS5 download speeds may be the same as PS4, which is a big deal for Sony heading into the launch of its next-gen console, given how notorious the latter device was for its relative slowness. The PS5 is set to launch in just a few days on November 12, 2020, and though anticipation for the console remains high, early reviews discussing next-gen have seemed to favor Xbox Series X somewhat, at least when it comes to benchmarks for raw power and performance.

There’s certainly going to be changes to perception for both consoles once consumers get their hands on them, of course, so critical response will only be one factor in how they perform in terms of both sales and reception. There have been some worrying signs from PS5, however, and if PS5 download speeds aren’t great, that could cause some major issues for players. The PS5 SSD – the same one that has been a focal point of discussion in the console’s build-up to launch – is much smaller than advertised, with users set to lose over 100GB of effective storage space before they ever turn the console on. With digital downloads such a major part of how players experience video games in the modern era, it’s shocking to see such a small SSD at launch, and it’s even more surprising to see the rigidity with which PS5 SSD upgrades will have to be done.

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In Screen Rant’s review of the PlayStation 5, our reviewer found another issue with the upcoming next-gen console – PS5 download speeds are about the same when compared to a PS4. During testing, our reviewer’s connection was a stable 1 Gigabit per second bandwidth speed, and even with steady internet Warzone‘s behemoth 100GB file size took over five hours to download. That’s much slower than what Xbox Series X download speeds have been across the board, and it’s a worrying quality that might be carrying over from the PlayStation 4.

PS5 dual shock vs PS4 Dualshock playstation


It’s even more important that PS5 download speeds are noticeably sluggish when consumers consider its small SSD. With only 667GB of effective space in review models, it appears like players will need to be rotating through games as they acquire them, removing them from their library and re-adding them when they want to play them again. While this is only a minor inconvenience when download speeds are good, if PS5 download speeds are as slow as they were during our review, it’s going to be a major issue that results in long downtimes in between games for some users.

Of course, it’s important to note that this is just Screen Rant’s experience during our PlayStation 5 review. While the Xbox Series X, tested by the same reviewer, achieved noticeably higher download speeds, it’s possible this is not going to be the case across millions of users come release day. Other critics have also experienced different download speeds, so consumers will need to wait until the PS5 is mass-tested via its launch day before they can know for sure what they’ll be getting in that regard. It’s something to keep an eye on, however – PS5 download speeds might not have been a heavily discussed element of the console coming into launch, but if they’re slow, it’s going to dramatically impact the console’s reception given how important digital video game acquisition is for next-gen gaming.

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