Olympus Has Fallen 4 Brings Back Gerard Butler For Night Has Fallen

Action star Gerard Butler will return for Night Has Fallen, which will be the fourth movie in the heart stopping Has Fallen franchise.

Action star Gerard Butler will return for Night Has Fallenthe fourth film in the Fallen film seriesOlympus Has Fallen was released in 2013. Since then, it’s been followed by two sequels: London Has Fallen, and Angel Has Fallen. So far, the franchise has been a massive financial success and has raked in over $500 million worldwide.

Butler plays Mike Banning, a former member of the US Army Special Forces. Olympus Has Fallen centers around a North Korean terrorist assault on the White House, where it’s up to Banning to rescue US President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart). London Has Fallen and Angel Has Fallen also follow Banning’s adventures. In the former, Banning accompanies Asher to London and must protect the president from being assassinated by terrorists. In contrast, Banning finds himself being framed in Angel Has Fallen and must work to clear his name.

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Deadline confirms that Butler will return for Olympus Has Fallen sequel, Night Has Fallen. Butler will once again reprise his role as Banning, who has since been promoted from Secret Service agent to Director of the Secret Service.


Plot details for Night Has Fallen are currently under lock and key. However, there are several possibilities for Butler’s Has Fallen franchise. One potential storyline may look at Banning’s new sense of responsibility as the Director of the Secret Service, rather than just another agent. He may also be tasked with protecting Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), who becomes the United States’ new President after Asher’s time in office ends. Either way, it’s exciting to know that Butler is returning as the courageous, determined Mike Banning. While Banning may be a bit rough around the edges, he always did an incredible job protecting Asher.

The Has Fallen franchise is known for its mix of intense action sequences and political intrigue. Each film has been better than the last, with Angel Has Fallen arguably being the series’ best movie to date. More specifically, Angel Has Fallen shows an incredibly human side of Mike Banning, as the protagonist struggles with both his addiction to painkillers and mental health. To that end, it’s incredibly exciting to see Butler perform flashy, jaw-dropping stunts. However, many fans also hope that Night Has Fallen will further explore Banning’s more vulnerable side, showcasing both the hero and the man underneath.

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Source: Deadline 

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