First Class Violence Was Way More Brutal In The Comics

As Magneto pays a man named Doctor Hatcher a visit in Magneto #1, he turns the violence shown in X-Men: First Class way messier.

Because Fox failed to tinker with X-Men: First Class, the film proves to be more enjoyable than the majority of the X-Men movies like The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And it’s clear that Marvel comic book creators are aware of its success and influence as they included a noteworthy X-Men: First Class scene of Magneto and make it even more gruesome.

Erik Lehnsherr, a.k.a. Magneto’s, story arc is one of the greatest in First Class as he spends his early life hunting down Sebastian Shaw after witnessing Shaw murder his mother right in front of him as a boy in one of Nazi Germany’s death camps. Along his journey, he stops at a Swiss bank and interrogates the manager in an effort to locate Shaw’s whereabouts. And because Magneto is aware of the manager’s involvement with the nazi regime, he does so in a nerve-wracking manner – by ripping out one of the man’s metal fillings. Although this scene is excruciating, it’s nothing compared to the adapted scene in Cullen Bunn, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, and Paolo Rivera’s comic Magneto #1.

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In the beginning of the issue, a group of men interrogate a young man who works at a coffee shop in Cape Girardean, Missouri. During the interrogation, the young man tells the group of men – who look like FBI agents – that he recalls seeing a mysterious man (Magneto) coming into the coffee shop and sitting down with a Dr. Hatcher – a man who was found dead just outside the building. The barista tells the group that he can somewhat recall what Dr. Hatcher and Magneto were talking about; a conversation regarding the atrocities that Dr. Hatcher had committed involving evolution and genetic genocide. But the one aspect of the event that the young man can easily remember is when Magneto pulls out all of Dr. Hatcher’s metal fillings with, “a snap of his fingers.” Though the anguish Magneto provides to Hatcher doesn’t end there.


After describing the screams of Dr. Hatcher as Magneto ripped out his metal fillings, the young man recounts the worst part of the event. After Magneto tosses Dr. Hatcher through the coffee shop’s window, he begins to replace each filling with nearby traffic and street signs. Once the young man finishes recalling the event and warns the group of men to stay clear of Magneto, he also gives his opinion and says it’s clear that killing is second nature for the X-Men villain.

Because of X-Men: First Class’ PG-13 rating, it’s understandable that the scene where Magneto rips out the bank manager’s metal filling is not nearly as brutal as its counterpart in Magneto #1. But the event that takes place in the comic demonstrates how Magneto is hell-bent on making America a safe zone for Marvel mutants and is willing to kill for a better tomorrow.

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