10 Things About Kelly Kapoor That Make No Sense

Kelly Kapoor is one of the funniest characters in The Office, but what about her characterization and development just didn’t make sense?

Ask any person who’s seen their fair share of sitcoms for some of the very best shows in this genre, and it’s only a matter of time before The Office sneaks its way into this conversation. It’s easy to see why this is the case — this show is a perfect combination of brilliant storytelling, ingenious writing, off-brand humor, and some of the best and most memorable characters in television history.

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The characters are definitely the beating heart of the series, with the main, supporting, and recurring cast adding their own charm to any scene they’re featured in. Kelly Kapoor is one such character who’s insane personality ends up leading to a ton of entertaining situations in The Office.

As a side character, it’s a given that Kelly won’t exactly have the deepest personality, making most of her actions feel mostly superficial but within the realms of believability. That being said, her character isn’t perfect, and many nonsensical things about her character that illustrate that to a T.

10 The Fact That She Stuck With Ryan For So Long Made No Sense


Any normal person can attest to the fact that Ryan is a horrible person and one of the worst boyfriends in television history. The manner in which he manipulated and tortured Kelly throughout their dysfunctional relationship can be really hard to watch at times.

Of course, it takes two to engage in a disastrous tango, and it’s not like Kelly’s exempt from any blame in this twisted dynamic.

9 The Fact That Ryan Stuck With Her For So Long Made So Sense Either

Kelly had a habit of lying to Ryan at every step of the way in order to get what she wanted, with the lowlight of these lies being when she told Ryan she was pregnant in order to force him to be with her.

This is the perfect example of the twisted manner in which Kelly manipulated Ryan to get her away, which — when combined with Ryan’s own devilish ways — made for a broken train-wreck of a relationship that was incredibly entertaining to witness at every step of the way.

8 It’s Unbelievable That She Abandoned A Child And Ran Away With Ryan

The season finale of The Office sees Ryan coercing Kelly into leaving her perfectly normal and way less toxic boyfriend to run away with Ryan.

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What makes this situation even worse is that Kelly agrees to this… and even leaves the child that she had with her previous boyfriend! While this serves as a way for Nellie to finally become a mother, it’s still a horrible act from Kelly’s — and Ryan’s too, for that matter — end nevertheless.

7 Her Relationship With Darryl Was Painful To Watch

After Ryan ends up taking the corporate job, he breaks up with Kelly in a weird show of dominance. However, Kelly doesn’t take this insult lying down and decides to engage in a relationship with Darryl in order to make herself feel better about this strange breakup.

What ensues is one of the most painful and boring relationship dynamics in the show, with Darryl being incredibly dismissive of Kelly while the latter tries her hardest to pretend that their relationship is going perfectly in front of Ryan.

6 Some Of The Lies She Says Are Downright Horrible

Mindy Kaling Why Kelly Left The Office After Season 8

Kelly isn’t just manipulative when it comes to just Ryan — she’s also horrible to pretty much everyone in The Office as well, especially when it comes to getting her way.

From flippantly lying about getting assaulted to stating that she’s pregnant to Ryan — there’s no depth that Kelly won’t sink to in order to get what she wants.

5 Her Need For Constant Attention Is Borderline Psychotic

Mindy Kaling Why Kelly Left The Office

The lies and manipulations of Kelly all feed into her overarching need to be the center of attention at every step of the way.

The fact that Kelly’s New Year Resolution was to gain more attention through any means possible is a testament to how much of a narcissistic human being she really is.

4 She Should’ve Reported Michael For His Racist Comments

Michael Scott in The Office

There was a time early on in The Office when Kelly used to be more of a reserved and down-to-earth character. During this phase, Michael had a habit of callously making some racist comments directed at her ethnicity.

Since Kelly seemed like more of a logical character at that point, one would’ve assumed that she would be deeply offended by these remarks and complain to HR. Instead, she just lets it slide, which is odd.

3 Her Character Undergoes A Massive Shift Over The Course Of The Show

The fact that Kelly transformed from a fairly normal human being into the narcissistic manipulator that most people know her as now is quite a massive shift in her character.

In fact, some might consider this change in her personality to be a bit too drastic and out of nowhere to be believable, which is completely justifiable.

2 Her Sabotage Of Jim And Dwight’s Customer Reviews Is Incredibly Petty

Given the fact that Kelly wanted attention from everyone at every step of the way, it was obvious that she would be mad about Dwight and Jim not attending a party that she threw.

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However, she decided to turn this personal dispute into a professional one by sabotaging their customer reviews, causing them no end of problems at work. This was extremely petty, and Kelly should’ve known that it was only a matter of time before this would’ve been uncovered.

1 The Minority Executive Training Program Was Wasted On Her

After Dunder Mifflin was acquired by Sabre, the parent company decided to initiate a Minority Executive Training Program, and both Darryl and Kelly were chosen to participate in the same.

While Darryl definitely benefited from this initiative, the same can’t be said for Kelly, who just tried to look smart but didn’t really pull it off after this program was over.

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