Yolanda’s Fiance Josh Gets Giant Tattoo In Her Honor

Former Bachelorette alum Josh Seiter just made his love for 90 Day Fiancé star Yolanda Leaks permanent with his newest ink.

There’s nothing quite like a tattoo to quiet the haters. Josh Seiter did just that when he tattooed the name of his fiancé, 90 Day Fiancé‘s very own Yolanda Leaks, on his forearm.

Yolanda, 52, and Josh, 33, met only a few months ago, in August of this year. They met in Las Vegas, Yolanda’s hometown. Josh claims he didn’t recognize Yolanda, who is one of the only 90 Day Fiancé stars to never have met their fiancé. Her fiancé was supposedly a buff Englishman named Williams, but Yolanda was the only one who actually believed that. Her family, the audience, and finally a private investigator convinced Yolanda of the truth: she’d been catfished by someone from Nigeria. Yolanda didn’t spend too long being heartbroken, thanks to her chance encounter with Josh, who was on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette (and eliminated on night one). Rumors have tested their relationship, including a nasty one that Josh had cheated on Yolanda with. Despite rumors, and their long distance (Josh lives in Chicago), the two got engaged in October. Now, Josh has made his love permanent by tattooing Yolanda’s name on his arm.

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Josh shocked his followers by posting a series of photos of this newest tat to his Instagram. His caption reads, “I figured what better way to celebrate our engagement than with a tattoo of my new fiancé. I know some people are going to say we are moving too fast, that we should slow down, or stop showing our love publicly. But we never listened to the naysayers. Never have, never will 💯 ink by @mattood” Cynical fans are now scratching their heads, as many were convinced that Josh, a former exotic dancer, was using Yolanda for her TV fame. They used the fact that the two have no photos together as part of their evidence. However, the tattoo casts doubt on that assumption –  either that or Josh is really committed to his ruse.

Yolanda seems thrilled about the tattoo; she commented with heart and kissy emojis, and then reposted the pictures with her own set of heart emojis as the caption. Fans seem happy for Yolanda, and many of them commented on her post with warm wishes and congratulations. However, on Josh’s original post it’s evident that some doubters remain. Maybe Yolanda’s fans are trying to protect her – after seeing her heart get broken once, no one wants to see it happen again over the Internet.

Even though they don’t have any photos together yet, the two both post pictures of each other on their social media all the time. With Josh’s newest tattoo, things do seem to be going well for the fiancés. Now we’re all just waiting to see them meet IRL.

Source: Josh Seiter

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