X-Men: Marvel’s Magneto Has His Very Own Cerebro

After being framed for killing an Anti-Mutant group in Magneto: Not a Hero #1, Magneto builds his very own Cerebro to clear his name.

One of Charles Xavier, a.k.a. Professor X’s, most well-known creations is his mutant tracking A.I. known as Cerebro(a). And what Marvel fans may not know is that Erik Lehnsherr a.k.a. Magneto has his own Cerebro – except he doesn’t use it to track down and recruit mutants; instead, he uses it to detect a copycat.

Magneto is one of the most hated and feared mutants in the Marvel Universe. He is willing to fight humanity for the sake of mutants and even though he strongly disagrees with Xavier’s tactics of gaining humanity’s trust, he still sticks to his code of never hurting a fellow mutant. But because Magneto is known for possessing immense power to control and manipulate metal, along with his his volatile nature, teams of superheroes such as the Avengers do not trust him. Which is why, when he is supposedly seen on camera killing an Anti-Mutant group during a rally, the Avengers do not believe him when he says he was being framed. But rather than wait for the Avengers to trust him, he takes matters into his own hands and constructs his own Cerebro to find the true killer.

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In Skottie Young, Clay Mann, Seth Mann, Norman Lee, David Curiel, and Chris Eliopoulos’ Magneto: Not a Hero #1 Magneto is interrogated by Iron Man and Captain America when a man dressed in Magneto’s general attire is seen on camera killing a group of Ant-Mutant protestors with metal and magnetism. During the interrogation, Magneto – joined by Scott Summers – tells Iron Man and Cap that it wasn’t him. Of course they don’t believe him, which results in Iron Man and Magneto being seconds away from destroying one another until Cap tells Magneto he has a few days to prove his innocence. While at Utopia, the island home of the X-Men, Magneto addresses the issue of finding the Anti-Mutant group killer with Emma Frost and decides to show her what he’s been working on.


Magneto reveals his latest creation and tells Emma that its configuration is based off of Cerebra, which is a smaller design of Xavier’s Cerebro. He also tells her that instead of linking him to the minds of both mutants and humans through the psionic plane, he links to the magnetosphere – allowing him to create an electromagnetic map of the planet as well as discover the one who possesses similar abilities and is responsible for the death of the Anti-Mutant group. But because Magneto’s machine is based off of Cerebra, he needs the help of a telepath to use it, which is where Emma comes in. Once Magneto and Emma combine their powers, he’s able to leave beyond the boundary of his own mind and discovers the one responsible for the death of the Anti-Mutant group… his clone Joseph.

Although Magneto‘s very own version of Cerebro(a) is not capable of tracking down any mutant and/or human the way that Xavier’s original design can, it’s clearly still effective as he’s able to find the copycat. And it make sense that the machine is not something that comes up in other comics as there are limitations to its potential uses.

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