The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Says Glenn’s Death Was Her Hardest Scene

Lauren Cohan says Glenn’s death on The Walking Dead is the hardest scene she has filmed. She says the scene was very emotional and overbearing.

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan says that Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) death on the show was the hardest scene for her to film. Based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead is a flagship post-apocalyptic zombie-horror show on AMC. The show follows a large ensemble of apocalypse survivors as they struggle to pull through despite a constant threat of attacks from zombies and other hostile survivor groups. The Walking Dead is reputed as one of the most-watched shows in cable history, and although its viewership has declined recently, the show continues to be well-received among fans and critics. Recently AMC announced that The Walking Dead will bow out in 2022, after a final eleventh season spanning 24 episodes.

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Cohan’s portrayed Maggie Rhee on The Walking Dead beginning in season 2. Maggie is Glenn’s wife who becomes pregnant with his child in season 6. The couple’s happiness is, however, short-lived as the baseball bat-swinging villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) enters the scene. In the season 6 finale, Negan holds Glenn and Maggie captive along with some others. He subsequently decides to kill detainees from the lineup at random. He first kills Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) and then, in the season 7 premiere, he also kills Glenn. Negan first subdues Glenn with his baseball bat—which he named Lucille—before eventually bludgeoning him to death, shattering his skull into a bloody mush. Before dying, Glenn tells his devastated wife, “Maggie, I’ll find you.”

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Recently, during a conversation with Fox TV UK, Cohan recounted her experience filming Glenn’s death scene on The Walking Dead. As per Cohan, the scene was the most strenuous—emotionally and physically—for her to film.

“As difficult as it is to pick any scene as the hardest or the most emotional for Maggie, or for Lauren on The Walking Dead, I would say it would be when Glenn was killed by Negan. On every level, on a physical and just a completely shackled, impossible circumstance, it was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done as an actor.”

The Walking Dead Glenn


Cohan also says that watching Glenn beaten to death in front of her eyes is “definitely the hardest thing that Maggie has gone through.” The scene involving Glenn’s murder at the hands of Negan was quite intense; it wasn’t just overwhelming for Cohan but also for the other actors who were present during the scene. The situation was, in fact, made even harder by the showrunners as they had the actors film additional death scenes—including one of Cohan’s Maggie—to misguide spoiler-leaking websites. The scenes were later incorporated into the show as a part of a traumatized Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) what-if visions.

Besides putting an end to fans’ seven-month-long anticipation between season 6 and 7, Glenn’s death on The Walking Dead also served as one of its most gruesome moments. Some fans even cite the death as overkill and unnecessary as the event had rendered them uncomfortable for the remaining season 7. Cohan’s Maggie has seen bad days, but none were as horrible as compared to the one when her husband was killed mercilessly while she was still pregnant. While it cannot be argued that Glenn’s death must’ve indeed been the most difficult thing Cohan had to shoot for as an actor, it cannot also be denied that it was the most pivotal moment in her career that changed audiences perception of Maggie for years to come. Cohan is an amazing performer, and hopefully, her return to the show in season 10 will up its drama quotient.

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Source: Fox TV UK

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