Jim Carrey’s Biden Brings Back Classic Ace Ventura Loser Line For Trump

Saturday Night Live’s casting of Jim Carrey as Joe Biden pays off as the president-elect brings back an Ace Ventura catchphrase in his victory speech.

Jim Carrey’s casting as President-Elect Joe Biden paid off on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, as the actor brought back his classic Ace Ventura “loser” catchphrase for Biden’s victory speech. The long-running comedy series had just a matter of hours to prepare an episode based on the results of the 2020 election, in which Biden faced off against the incumbent President Donald Trump. The Associated Press called the state of Pennsylvania in Biden’s favor, thus securing the 270 electoral votes he needed to win, at 11:25am E.S.T on Saturday, and the SNL episode aired at 11:30pm.

Carrey was cast in the role of Joe Biden, which has previously been played by Woody Harrelson and Jason Sudeikis, for Saturday Night Live season 46.  Though his performance as Biden has been criticized, both for its lack of accuracy and Carrey’s rubber-faced comedy being limited by the role, it may have all been worth it.

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In Saturday Night Live‘s cold open, Biden took to the podium alongside Maya Rudolph’s Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, whose white pantsuit was impressively sourced by SNL‘s costume department less than three hours after the real Harris wore it for the victory speech. Alec Baldwin’s Trump (like the real one) refused to accept that he had lost the election and proclaimed that he was the victor, before playing a slow rendition of the Village People’s “Macho Man” on piano. After promising not to “gloat” about the victory, Carrey’s Biden threw in a callback to his Ace Ventura days, calling Trump a “la-hoo-sa-her.”

Trump hosted Saturday Night Live five years ago, in the early days of his presidential campaign. At the time, the comedy show was widely criticized for giving him airtime and a platform. In the years since, Trump has been a regular target of SNL‘s lampooning, with Baldwin playing the character for the first time in October 2016. Responding to the election results on Twitter, Baldwin said, “I don’t believe I’ve ever been this overjoyed to lose a job before!

Carrey is set to play Biden for the rest of Saturday Night Live season 46, and can likely to expected to stick around as a regular feature of the show, as political sketches featuring the current sitting president are a mainstay of SNL’s format. Though the election has been called, President Trump will remain in office until January 20, 2021, so we can expect to see Baldwin’s Trump face off against Carrey’s Biden a few more times in the coming weeks.

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