How Coronavirus Affected India, Jenny & Sumit

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans are curious how exactly the coronavirus affected not only India but Jenny and Sumit’s storyline.

How exactly did the coronavirus affect India and 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s Jenny and Sumit? The couple had to tape their episode while under self-isolation.

Fans of the TLC couple were shocked to discover that Sumit’s now ex-wife had tried to file for alimony payments during the last episode. The Palm Springs native had always been told the divorce would be an easy process even if that may not be the case. The couple has weathered their ups and downs but has still come outstanding on their own two feet. Fans are very excited now that the divorce is finalized for the duo to become engaged and finally marry.

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On March 24, the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to order a 21-day nationwide lockdown. The lockdown was implemented to limit the movement of 1.3 billion people to hopefully prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from getting worse. TLC fans are now just seeing how the lockdown played out for Jenny and Sumit.

Jenny 90 Day Fiance Sumit


The fan favorites showed themselves filming inside their Indian home where they were forced to quarantine together. Sumit revealed that he suffered from diabetes and due to Jenny’s older age they both were placed in the high-risk category and were very scared for their safety. Luckily, while walking in a mask with his own camera he showed viewers that there was a hospital on the corner that they could walk to if they became ill. The couple were in the midst of planning their ring ceremony but had to place their pre-wedding plans on hold because of the stay at home order. Jenny remained positive as she explained to TLC fans that she and Sumit had been playing games and really bonding. The grandmother is however nervous that she will run out of time to get married and lose her visa. Currently, her travel visa is limited to the amount of time she can spend in the country and all courthouse weddings had been put on hold. She is nervous that India will not extend her visa due to the situation.

While fans were happy for their bit of good relationship news, they are still wondering if a wedding will ever happen for the couple. Sumit’s strict parents made it clear that they would not support a marriage to the older American and try to stop their ceremony at all costs.

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