10 Memes That Only Real Fans Will Understand

Vikings is a television show that has been praised as one of the best historical dramas. Here are some memes about the show.

Vikings is a television show that has been constantly praised as one of the best historical dramas ever put on the small screen. However, some have also questioned the actual meaning of this long-running Scandinavian saga.

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The series centers around Ragnar Lothbrok, who becomes the King of the Viking tribes. From then on out, Vikings focuses its attention on the fortunes of Ragnar and his sons as they go on adventures in England and Scandinavia. While the series is critically praised, it has spawned countless memes on social media which explains in a hilarious way how some viewers just don’t get the History Channel series.

10 I Don’t Like You


While Vikings has a devoted following, it also has its detractors who don’t understand the historical nature of the series or just see it as a perennial slow burn. This meme illustrates the divide between fans of the show and those who are miffed by it.

This same meme can be used for any devoted fan of any series who may be tired of having to explain the meaning of their show time-and-time again. Vikings is a show that takes time to grow on a viewer, and it’s certainly not for everyone.

9 Raise Our Glasses

Here in this meme, the meme artist, Series Dope, raises his glass to Skol. Who is Skol, exactly? Those who don’t watch Vikings on a regular occasion wouldn’t get the meme; but to the series’ fans, they would understand the meaning behind it and also get a chuckle out of the post.

This meme is another in the numerous insider memes of Vikings that fans will get, but will leave others thoroughly confused. Skol is a phrase that is often used in the series that means a salute to one’s good health in Norse Mythology.

8 Before And After

Many who watch Vikings can easily relate to this meme, but it will also leave those non-fans thoroughly confused as to what this series is about. This meme finds King Ayla getting ready to hang Bjorn in the top, but the bottom finds Ragnar turning the tables.

This caption perfectly proves just how this show can confuse viewers who haven’t followed the storyline, and how Vikings can easily be a turnoff for those not interested in the history nor the mythology the show is based around.

7 Explaining The Mythology

This meme is perfect in that, in order to truly follow the show, you have to have a beginner’s knowledge of the Norse Mythology Vikings is based on. Even to those who do, fans of the show could find it head-scratching trying to explain the complicated mythology that centers on the show’s main characters.

6 Vikings Vs. Game Of Thrones

Ever since Vikings premiered in 2013, there’s been this running competition between it and HBO’s blockbuster series Game of Thrones. Both series take on a mythological semblance within their plots, but while the latter goes into the fantasy portion of it, Vikings is based on actual mythology.

The battle between fanbases has been over which series has the better story, with Game of Thrones fanatics arguing that their series has a better story, while Vikings fans lay claim to the better development of its storylines.

5 Who Discovered Iceland?

Because Vikings is a show based on historical mythology, only fans of the show will truly get this meme. In Season 5, Floki, setting out to discover Asgard, actually ran onto the island of Iceland. Of course, in historical reality, the person who discovered Iceland was Naddodd, who was part of the group of settlers who discovered the Faroe Islands.

In Vikings, Floki’s settlement began to fall apart, and he was killed at the end of season 5 by being buried inside an erupting volcano toward the end of the season.

4 Waiting On Freya

Fans of the show will find this meme hilarious and on point. In Norse Mythology, Freya is one of the major goddesses and is Odin’s counterpart. In Season 4, Odin sets sail for Kattegat, and since traveling by boat in those days took a while, the common thought is that Freya waiting for her counterpart to get back from his pillaging.

As with most memes in the show, this will be one that only fans of the show will truly get, and will leave casual viewers stumped as to what the meme even stands for.

3 Reasons To Watch Vikings

While casual fans may find Vikings as a bit of a slow burn, for fans of the series, the main reason to watch was Lagertha, the first wife of Ragnar Lothbrok.

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She’s a very fierce shield maiden and Katheryn Winnick, the woman who portrayed Lagertha, has been nominated for numerous awards for her portrayal of the character. As good and funny as this meme is, it doesn’t do enough to exactly explain how much sense this show makes, especially for those who don’t know the mythology behind it.

2 Don’t Talk About Vikings!

While Vikings does have a huge devoted fanbase, there is also a large segment of viewers who simply just don’t understand the show or fans’ love affair with Ivar. To the casual fan, Bjorn is the much more interesting character as he is Ragnar’s heir to Kattegat.

However, Ivar is the main antagonist in Season 5 and he wanted revenge against King Aelle and King Ecbert and revenge on Lagertha for his mom’s death, for which she was responsible. This is an argument that won’t ever be solved.

1 Never Met Them

In season 5, Ubbe, Hvister, and Ivar all ruled East Anglia together, but the joint royalty is fraught with conflict and problems. Each has had a conflict with Bjorn, and while this conflict was going on, it seemed as if Ubbe was sitting on the sidelines.

For fans of Vikings, this will come as no surprise, but causal viewers won’t get the purpose of this meme, nor will it further explain the point of this show. You really need basic understanding of the Norse Mythology to follow Vikings, or else this show will make no sense.

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