The Office: 10 Times Phyllis And Bob Were Underrated

Most fans of The Office think of Jim and Pam as the sitcom’s cutest couple, but at Dunder Mifflin, nobody is more adorable than Phyllis and Bob Vance.

Phyllis Lapin and Bob Vance began dating in the second season of The Office. She showed him off at the office Christmas party where he introduced himself as “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration” and it was all uphill from there.

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By season 3, this adorable couple was married and showed off their relationship at work gatherings. While Office fans obsess over Jim and Pam’s relationship, and even Dwight and Angela’s, it’s Phyllis and Bob that have one of the strongest relationships throughout all of Dunder Mifflin. There’s no denying that these two lovebirds are perfect soulmates.

10 He Spent $1,000 For A Hug From Her

crime aid - the office - bob and phyllis


In the episode “Crime Aid,” Michael gets everyone together to try and raise funds after Dunder Mifflin is robbed. The fundraiser isn’t going too well until Michael auctions off a hug from Phyllis. Michael assumed that no one was going to bid, but in came Bob. All of a sudden, there was a bidding war between Bob, Andy, Dwight, and David Wallace. Bob ended up coming out on top after pledging $1,000 just to hug his wife. Swoon!

9 He Showed Up To Café Disco

cafe disco - the office - bob and phyllis dancing

In the episode “Cafe Disco,” Phyllis hurts her back after dancing with Michael in his new disco space downstairs. Dwight spends all day with Phyllis trying to warm up and heal her back using old family tricks.

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While Phyllis is with Dwight, she admits that she thinks Bob was going to cheat on her with his secretary, who looked like a younger version of her. However, after saying it out loud, Phyllis thought the idea was silly and laughed it off. By the end of the episode, Bob showed up at Café Disco and asked to dance with his wife in a sweet moment.

8 He Warned Michael About Hurting Her

bob warning michael and his wedding - the office

When Phyllis asked Michael to wheel her father down the aisle, Michael acted as if he’s the new and improved father of the bride. He looked at this as a huge responsibility and that he was the one giving her away.

On the wedding day, Michael warned Bob that if he ever hurts Phyllis he’d kill him. But Michael can’t compete with Bob. Bob returned the threat and looked serious enough to scare Michael away.

7 He Goes All Out On Valentine’s Day

In the episode “Valentine’s Day,” Pam’s unexpected job was to deliver gifts and treats to Phyllis all day. Bob sent Phyllis countless candies, stuffed animals, and flowers to show his love for her.

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And with every delivery came an appreciative and loving smile. Pam, on the other hand, was annoyed that Phyllis was being treated like a queen and Roy didn’t get her anything.

6 An Afternoon Delight

bob and phyllis out to lunch with Jim and pam - the office

In the episode “Blood Drive,” it’s Valentine’s Day yet again. Bob and Phyllis were planning on taking an extended romantic lunch and invited Jim and Pam to join them. The four of them happily went to lunch together, but all of a sudden Phyllis and Bob were nowhere to be seen. They were in the bathroom for far too long and the Halpert began to worry. Jim and Pam went to check on them and were shocked to find them together in the handicapped bathroom. All that was heard beyond the door was moaning. Jim and Pam were in shock, but at least Phyllis and Bob have a healthy sexual appetite.

5 He Moved For Love


Bob and Phyllis were last seen at Dwight and Angela’s wedding having a marvelous time. It’s assumed that they continued their lives in Scranton as the king and queen of refrigerators. But these two actually had a different ending.

According to NBC, Phyllis eventually found the daughter she gave away for adoption as a teenager. She was living in Saint Louis, so Phyllis and Bob moved to Saint Louis to be closer to her. Knowing how much Bob loved his job, it’s romantic that he either sold his company or retired to support his wife’s relationship with her daughter.

4 The Apparently Have A Saucy Personal life

phyllis and bob at home - the office

Just in case people thought Phyllis and Bob’s bathroom rendezvous was a one-time thing, guess again. When Dwight became the owner of the building, he created a gym in the open space on the first floor. As he bragged about Dunder Mifflin about the gym’s features, Phyllis assured him she doesn’t need the gym because she already has a gym at home — her bedroom.

But that’s not the first time she dropped the mic on her love life. She told Erin that she and Bob have dressed up as animals before and that because of their differing religions it keeps things “spicy.”

3 He’s Very Protective Of His Woman

phyllis dressed as santa - the office

Bob and Phyllis really are #Goals. In the episode “Secret Santa,” Jim allowed Phyllis to be that year’s Santa Claus at the office Christmas party. The only problem is, Jim never relayed that information to Michael. Michael wanted to be Santa and didn’t think it was fair that Phyllis got to be the star of the show.

While Michael and Phyllis were dueling, Phyllis warned Michael that she would get Bob involved. By the end of the episode while Michael was apologizing to Phyllis, Bob stormed in and has a bone to pick with him for upsetting his wife. Phyllis calmed him down and the two Santas kissed.

2 The Deleted Scene From “Fun Run”

phyllis and bob deleted scene from fun run in the office

In the episode “Fun Run,” Dunder Mifflin was running in a 5K race to raise money and awareness for rabies. A deleted scene, showed Bob joining in and running beside Phyllis. But when Michael started teasing them about not being able to keep up, Phyllis said “Go get ’em, Bobby! Sic him! Sic him!” Bob listened to his wife and cheerfully took off after Michael.

1 Roy’s Wedding

phyllis and bob at roys wedding- the office

Roy’s wedding was a shocking episode for Jim and Pam because they realized Roy was doing incredibly well with his new life. He started his own business, learned how to play the piano, and fell in love with a successful woman. While Roy was singing a song for his new bride, Bob and Phyllis were so moved by that they began making out in front of everyone. Jim and Pam weren’t sure whether to be disturbed or jealous.

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