Nicole Franzel Breaks Instagram Silence, Makes Big Announcement

Nicole Franzel breaks her social media silence and announces new podcast episodes where she’ll address all the Big Brother 22: All-Stars drama.

Nicole Franzel breaks her social media silence and announces new podcast episodes where she’ll address all the Big Brother 22: All-Stars drama. It’s safe to say that this was not the best season for Nicole. Many thought that nothing could be worse than her experience on BB16, where she was targeted for being too smart of a player and was never given any room to play the game. But the stakes were much higher on BB22, which definitely took a toll on Nicole. She went into the game personally knowing (or knowing of) every single player from seasons past. For the game, she had to betray Da’Vonne Rogers, who was the deciding vote on her BB18 victory, and Ian Terry, who had been a longtime friend.

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As if that wasn’t enough pressure for Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 22, she now also had a social media influencer career to uphold, and podcast sponsors to please, and a wedding with BB18 co-star Victor Arroyo to plan. Nonetheless, she made her way to the Final 3, both through strategy and competition wins at the end, only to be cut at the last minute by her biggest and truest ally, Cody Calafiore. In the aftermath of BB22, Nicole has gone on an unfollow spree that includes Cody, Cody’s girlfriend, Daniele Donato, Derrick Levasseur, and many more friends, acquaintances, and allies that she made through Big Brother.

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In an Instagram Story (seen below) posted on Friday, November 6, Nicole Franzel said that she’s finally ready to start talking about the Big Brother: All-Stars drama that she’s been catching up on since the season ended. Through an iPhone Notes app press release, Nicole first thanked the fans for their messages and support. She then went on, “I have so much on my heart that I want to share but I know I can’t possibly express it adequately in a social media post. Therefore, I am going to start recording a series of podcast episodes starting next week.” In the end, Nicole vows to keep “opening up [her] mind, heart, and truth” with the fans.


It’s not shocking that podcaster Nicole Franzel wants to address certain things on her Coco Caliente podcast. For one, this allows her to fully explain herself, with ample time and caution, in a medium where people actually pay attention to what’s being said. In addition, these episodes will likely boost the number of listeners that she has on the podcast, which is always good for business. It’s a win-win for Nicole, and it’s probably intentional that she has withheld certain details about her post-season experience from press interviews in order to share those thoughts on her own platform.

Now the Big Brother 22: All-Stars fans have to wait until these podcast episodes are out. Hopefully, Nicole will properly address and successfully clarify many issues that the fans have brought to her attention.

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Sources: Nicole Franzel’s Instagram

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