Jane The Virgin And Petra & 9 Other Enemies To Best Friends Storylines, Ranked

From Jane the Virgin and Petra to Aang and Zuko, here are some of the best enemies-to-friends storylines in movies and TV shows.

The best enemies to friends storylines have a slow burn build as the characters eventually get over their rivalry and become close. Both television and film have great storylines including Jane and Petra in Jane the Virgin, who begin in the series as bitter enemies and find their way to a strong friendship throughout the show.

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Character-driven storylines are always intriguing throughout both film franchises and television series and here are some of the best enemies to friends storylines that focus on the characters gradually becoming close friends after rock beginnings.

10 Diane And Sam (Cheers)


Sam and Diane have completely different personalities and began the series as rivals as they argue constantly with their strong personalities and differing views.

It begins as hatred even though Sam hires Diane to work at the bar, but their relationship eventually turns as the two begin to respect each other even though they have different opinions. The two begin a tumultuous romantic relationship as well and even though they never fully see eye to eye it’s clear that they care about each other.

9 Kuzco And Pacha (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Kuzco is an arrogant and self-absorbed emperor who doesn’t understand or really care about the lives of the people he is supposed to be representing. Pacha is a peasant who tries to come to him for help but is quickly refused, making the two enemies at the beginning of the film.

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Kuzco is turned into a llama when his advisor, Yzma, tries to steal the throne and his only hope of returning home is the reluctant Pacha. The two put their differences aside and help each other survive the wilderness and Yzma’s scheme eventually becoming very close friends by the end of the film.

8 Will And Carlton (The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air)

Fresh Prince - Will Staring at Carlton

Will and Carlton have a difficult time seeing eye to eye for a lot of the series and aren’t the closest friends, but the two still build a better relationship throughout the show. The two have completely different backgrounds growing up as Carlton had a higher class shielded life while Will was savvier to reality and struggling in Philadelphia.

Will and Carlton aren’t enemies, but they certainly don’t get along and have a lot of petty animosity toward each other in the earlier seasons of the show and eventually learn to care for each other as family by the end.

7 Mabel And Pacifica (Gravity Falls)

mabel pacifica gravity falls

Mabel Pines and Pacifica Northwest first meet and are immediately competitors and enemies. Pacifica is a spoiled rich kid who is used to getting what she wants, but Mabel won’t let her just take the dance competition and this begins their rivalry.

The two cross paths throughout the show and are always bitterly competing whether it’s mini-golf or guessing the weight of a pig. Mabel tries to get over the rivalry and shows Pacifica some kindness when her wealthy parents don’t show her love, and Mabel and her twin brother, Dipper, help Pacifica get rid of a supernatural spirit from her home and the three begin to become friends.

6 Buzz And Woody (Toy Story)

Buzz is a new toy to Andy’s room and Woody immediately is jealous and annoyed that everyone seems to love Buzz. Buzz tries to lead the group, obliviously thinking that he is the real Buzz Lightyear and he has to fight evil, and Woody tries desperately to get him to understand reality or have everyone realize how insane his ideas are.

The two are forgotten and have to make their way back to Andy’s home and work together to survive the journey. The two become friends by the end of the film and grow their bond throughout the Toy Story franchise.

5 Shawn And Lassiter (Psych)

shawn hugging lassiter psych

Shawn Spencer acts like a psychic and solves crimes for the local police department, but really he is hyper-observant and able to see clues that most can’t. Most employees at the department buy into Shawn’s persona with the major exception of Detective Carlton Lassiter.

The two spend most of the series at odds since their personalities are so different as Lassiter wants to do his job particularly and Shawn constantly throws off his plans. Lassiter slowly softens throughout the series and the two become good friends.

4 Leslie And Ben (Parks And Recreation)

Ben comes to Pawnee to audit the government and Leslie immediately hates him. Leslie thinks he doesn’t care and is just there to slash her parks department budget and make it impossible for her to do her job well.

Leslie is stern and Ben eventually loosens up and shows that he does care the more time he spends in Pawnee and the two slowly find deep affection for each other. Ben and Leslie became one of the most popular couples of the series and eventually end up getting married and living happily ever after.

3 Rory And Paris (Gilmore Girls)

paris and rory gilmore

The fashionable Rory Gilmore begins her high school career at a private school and immediately makes an enemy in Paris Geller as she’s one of the smartest and most determined students at the school and sees Rory as a threat.

Paris is intense and Rory never fully understands why the two are always at odds at the beginning of the show. They go back and forth from friendly to bitter rivals until they finally become close friends and room together during their college years.

2 Jane And Petra (Jane The Virgin)

Jane the Virgin was a well-received show that blended reality and fantasy but was always about the characters’ relationships with one another including the slow build of Jane and Petra’s friendship.

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Jane the Virgin was always a romantic show that centered on Jane’s love life as she tried to choose between the two male leads, Rafael and Michael. But the show also highlighted the friendship slowly and believably created between Jane and Petra. The two began the show as rivals since they were both vying for Rafael, but the show slowly build their friendship and their relationship became one of the strongest in the series.

1 Aang And Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Aang and Zuko in Avatar The Last Airbender

Aang and Zuko start off the series as bitter rivals as Zuko is determined to capture Aang to restore his honor with his father and the Fire Nation. It takes the entire series for these two to finally become close friends when Zuko decides to join the side of the Avatar and go against his family.

The slow burn changes the characters go through during the series are realistic and they make for an enjoyable enemies-to-friends storyline.

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