Did Brittany Cheat On Yazan With Rapper KSlim?

Nigerian rapper KSlims accusations about “sugar baby” Brittany Banks indicate that she cheated on 90 Day Fiancé BF Yazan. But were they even together?

90 Day Fiancé’s Yazan Abu Horira had wondered if he was making a wrong decision by choosing Brittany Banks. But, if it’s Brittany’s Instagram that Yazan was so worried about on the show, what does he say about her dating rumors? A rapper who goes by KSlim has recently shocked 90 Day Fiancé fans by revealing that he was with Brittany for two weeks! Does it mean that Ms. Banks cheated on Yazan and did destroy his life?

Fans first saw Brittany Banks, a 26-year-old Florida resident, pack her bags and move to Jordan in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Brittany was then off to be with her fiancé, a young Muslim lad Yazan, who she’d met via a happy accident. But while Brittany was keeping the news of her still being married from Yazan, 24, he too seemed to have painted a completely different picture of his American girlfriend to his parents. In spite of having met once before, Yazan’s parents pounced on Brittany when she visited them and accused her of selling herself on social media. Brittany’s bikini pictures, which still continue to raise hell for Yazan’s relatives, caused his father to threaten him with honor killing. But Brittany, who’s scheduled to return to Amman in the next 90 Day Fiancé episode with happy news of her divorce, has, as per her Instagram been back in America since at least June this year. Did Brittany return after breaking up with Yazan or is this another 90 Day Fiancé cheating scandal?

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Ms. Banks’ followers saw her take a private jet ride at the start of October, which she openly flaunted on Instagram. In fact, the aspiring rapper Brittany was even called out for not wearing a mask, which she readily accepted was a mistake, and also for being tone-deaf. What many 90 Day Fiancé fans, however, didn’t notice was the man who accompanied her, along with a few friends on this trip. While Brittany has since deleted all her old Instagram posts, the rapper came forth to speak about his side of the story when he felt that Brittany had kept him in the dark about Yazan’s existence.  As per @tote_the_memes on Instagram, Nigerian man KSlim accused the 90 Day Fiancé star of taking $2000 from him, while he “took care of al expenses” and stayed with him at an AirBnB for two weeks, eating thrice a day at the best restaurants in San Diego and LA. “She said she hated Jordan,” claims KSlim, who also mentioned how Brittany kept “dissing Yazan.”

This isn’t the first time that the 90 Day Fiancé star has been called out for being a sugar baby. In fact, Brittany’s introduction to the TLC show had her speak about dating “established” older men, the oldest being 85! Dating Yazan was supposedly a new experience for Brittany as “she beats to the rhythm of her own drum.” Still, while this doesn’t imply that Brittany could have two-timed Yazan for KSlim’s money, as he did declare to not earning enough with his taxi driving and barbershop job. But since no one knows what transpired during Brittany’s latest visit to Jordan, there are high chances of Brittany and Yazan having called their 90 Day Fiancé relationship off. Brittany could have done it out of Yazan not being able to “provide stability and a roof over their head” or forcing her to convert to Islam again. Or it may have also been Yazan who gave in to his family’s threats and finally bid Brittany and her Instagram goodbye.

There was a time when Brittany and Yazan were constantly feuding on Instagram, to the extent that the Florida girl had even claimed that her account had been hacked. Plus, there are also rumors within the 90 Day Fiancé community about the Brittany-Yazan coupling being completely fake and her just using him for clout. Either way, things don’t seem to indicate that Brittany and Yazan are together, meaning if she did get together with KSlim in late September-October, it wasn’t her cheating at all. “He acts like I’m asking him for a private jet, or a yacht, or a shopping spree, which I’m used to but I’m not asking you for that so be grateful and give me what I ask for,” Brittany had said on 90 Day Fiancé. And looks like, KSlim did give her “access to them accounts, open sesame.”

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