D-War: Mysteries Of The Dragon Updates

The original is a South Korean monster movie that was a surprise success but is planned sequel D-War: Mysteries of the Dragon still happening?

Is sequel D-War: Mysteries Of The Dragon still on the way? While Game Of Thrones leads the way when it comes to some of the coolest onscreen dragons, there have been some other gems over the years. These include movies such as Dragonheart and Reign Of Fire. The latter is a 2002 post-apocalyptic adventure starring Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale, though some viewers were disappointed its awesome poster – which depicted a large scale battle between dragons and helicopters over the skies of London – was nowhere to be seen in the final product.

In 2007 a South Korean produced movie called D-War – AKA Dragon Wars – provided just that. This movie starred Jason Behr, Craig Robinson and the late, great Robert Forster (Breaking Bad), and was a fantasy blockbuster that featured armies of mythical creatures invading Los Angeles. The plot and dialogue largely took a distant second place to the spectacle, and while the movie received large terrible reviews upon release, it ended up doing decent business worldwide.

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A sequel dubbed D-War: Mysteries Of The Dragon is supposed to be in the works, but is the follow-up still happening?

D-War: Mysteries Of The Dragon Is A Prequel

d-war dragon


Rather than pick up from the events of the original, D-War: Mysteries Of The Dragon will be set in 1969 and depicts America and Russia embroiled in a fictional war to be the first nation to land on the moon. How dragons figure into the plot hasn’t been revealed just yet, however, and apparently, ties between the original and the sequel will be limited.

D-War: Mysteries of the Dragon Was Announced For A 2017 Release

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In 2016 Variety reported director Shim Hyung-rae was returning for D-War: Mysteries Of The Dragon, and it would be a co-production with China. The sequel was stated to be a big-budget affair too, with the filmmaker stating the movie would be in production of June that year for a 2017 release date.

D-War: Mysteries Of The Dragon May Not Be Happening

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In 2018 The Korea Times provided an update on the status of D-War: Mysteries Of The Dragon, with Shim Hyung-rae stating the production would be handled by an American filmmaker instead. 2020 was also thrown around as a potential new release date, but there’s currently little sign of the sequel moving ahead. While it’s possible the movie is still in development, it’s starting to appear that D-War: Mysteries Of The Dragon may not be moving ahead at all.

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