Among Us’ Best Pop Culture Character Skin Mods

Among Us fans can now enjoy a unique experience with these awesome fan-made pop culture skin mods, featuring Pikachu, Kirby, and more!

Fans of Among Us have a lot of options for customizing their characters. The game itself includes different skins, props, and even pets to distinguish a player’s look, but many have also taken to creating their own mods to enhance their Among Us experience. A lot of these come in the form of notable pop culture references and are available for download so that others can enjoy their own personalized crewmates and Impostors, as well.

Popular indie game Among Us came out in 2018, but it really took off over the spring and summer of 2020. InnerSloth, Among Us’s developer, is currently working on new updates for the social deduction game. As fans wait for new content, they’ve figured out ways of adding their own. A lot of fan-made content has helped the game blow up in the form of videos, comics, memes, and more. Now, different in-game skins are becoming available, as well.

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The video game modding website GameBanana now includes a variety of different skins users can download for Among Us. In addition to pop culture references, there are also mods for a unique variety of custom hats, hands, and other props for players to enjoy. A fair warning to those looking to take on this endeavor, though: Downloading skins from third-party websites runs the risk of also downloading malware, so users should be advised to find a trusted source. Additionally, it’s generally recommended for users to not mess with any game’s files, though this is necessary to get these skins.

Among Us Skin Mods: Fall Guys

Among Us Fall Guys


Players can combine two of the year’s hottest online games with this Fall Guys mod from creator BonestheCPHunter. The popular battle royal game released this August, and Fall Guys and Among Us have a lot in common, as they each feature cute, rounded, colorful characters and have dominated Twitch and YouTube streams. Now they can be enjoyed in this perfect crossover.

Among Us Skin Mods: Pikachu Pet

Among Us Pokemon Pikachu

This adorable Pokémon mod from creator Breezicus isn’t for crewmates’ characters skins: Instead, it allows players to have a cute Pikachu pet following behind their astronauts, and is arguably just as good. The animation changes depending on whether or not a player has been killed, with a ghost player’s Pikachu curled up in a sad fetal position, similar to how a pet or mini crewmate reacts in that situation. It’s reminiscent of playing Pokémon Yellow or the more recent Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!

Among Us Skin Mods: Anime Hat Pack

Among Us Anime hats One Piece Naruto

GameBanana user Blazerr___ created a neat skin idea featuring different anime hat mods, which can be used to make a player’s character resemble an iconic anime protagonist, such as Luffy from One Piece or the young ninja Naruto. Other options include Simon’s goggles from Gurren Lagann and Jotaro’s hat from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, allowing for a cool (and kawaii) Among Us experience.

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Among Us Skin Mods: Kirby

Among Us Kirby

Everyone’s favorite pink puffy platformer hero can now traverse The Skeld or Polus as a crewmate or Impostor with this Kirby mod from user Acron. It allows for multiple colors, so friends who’ve downloaded the mod can also have a fun Kirby-Among Us experience. All it lacks is a new, modded Among Us kill animation with Impostor Kirby sucking up his victim.

Among Us Skin Mods: Brian Griffin

Among Us Family Guy Brian Griffin

This Family Guy’s Brian Griffin mod from user fireplace adds a touch of class and a lot of dog hair to Among Us, with multiple collar colors to distinguish players. Having a bunch of Brians run around with champagne glasses ought to make for a comical experience, as well.

Among Us Skin Mods: Pac-Man Ghosts

Among Us Pac-Man ghosts

A mod from CosmicToons that turns players into Pac-Man ghosts makes for a nice, retro-styled Among Us session. The juxtaposition of one the most classic popular games of all time with this year’s chart-dominating success allows for a creative and unique Among Us session.

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Source: GameBanana

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