5 Most Hilarious Fan Theories About Season 4 (& 5 That We Hope Turn Out To Be True)

Could Ruth Langmore be working for Marty Byrde and only pretending to have sided with Darlene Snell to keep an eye on Marty’s enemies? Maybe, but that is just one of the countless fan theories that have flooded Reddit and social media as fans wait for the fourth and probably final season of Ozark.

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The crime drama has garnered a huge following as Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman, has turned into a TV hero of sorts with many comparing him to Breaking Bad‘s Walter White. Watching the Byrdes survive while laundering money for one of Mexico’s most brutal drug cartels is thrilling. After the dramatic but inconclusive end of the third season, fans couldn’t help but develop some hilarious theories for the fourth season.

10 Hilarious: Marty Dies


Marty has escaped death since the first episode of Ozark, but since the fourth season may be the last one of the show, it may be time for death to catch up with him after all. Marty’s death would be sad, and of course, mean the end of Ozark, but it may be a welcome end if the editors do their job right.

Considering the number of times the show has saved Marty, the fourth season may not be an exception. Marty’s survival is the meaning of Ozark, and killing him will mean that Marty’s family, Navarro, and the FBI have lost, which would hurt the meaning of the show.

9 Possibly True: Ruth Kills Darlene

Ozark-Darlene and Wyatt affair

Darlene manipulated Wyatt into having an affair with her and infuriated Ruth (Julia Garner). Then came Ben’s alleged death, which made Ruth mad at Marty and Wendy, causing her to leave the Byrdes and join Darlene. While Darlene killing Frank Cosgrove Jr bought her some love from Ruth, there is no way she will let her take advantage of Wyatt.

The theory is that Ruth chose to work for Darlene to make some money for the remaining members of her family but will then kill Darlene. Darlene’s death will obviously leave the Snell fortune to whoever remains on the property, which may well be the Langmore kids. Darlene may also leave the land to them because she hates foreigners taking control of the island, which she believes should be left to the original inhabitants, and Wyatt and Ruth are her favorites.

8 Hilarious: Ruth Is Working Undercover For Marty

Julia Garner in Ozark season one

Before Marty showed up in Ruth’s life, the Langmores didn’t have the slightest chance of changing their lives for the better, and staying as low-life criminals just wasn’t working for them. Leaving Marty to work for Darlene seemed like the lowest moment of her life since the beginning of the show.

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However, Ruth is a smart girl, and if she knows anything, it is how to survive. She knows the strength of the cartel and that Darlene doesn’t stand a chance on her own. Considering her previous smart plays, some fans theorized that her switch to work for Darlene was part of a plot with Marty to finally take out the Snells and take full control of the island’s business.

7 Possibly True: Ben Is Still Alive

Ozark s03-Tom Pelphrey as Tom

Ben was a threat to everyone, but he enjoyed Wendy’s love and protection. Wendy is mama bear wherever her family is concerned, and she would burn down the world before killing her brother. When Ben got out of control, the show made everyone feel she was finally fed up with him, but that may not be the case.

We never saw Ben die, only ashes that may or may not have been his. Wendy used Ben’s alleged death to buy some love from Navarro, meaning she had to make it look real, which is why it was very convincing. Since it is Ozark; no one is really dead until you see them die, and Ben may not be an exception.

6 Hilarious: The Ashes Belong To Sue

Marylouise Burke as Sue in Ozark s03

Remember Sue? The therapist who took advantage of Marty and Wendy’s situation to extort them? Well, her death was sad but probably deserved, and no one saw where her body was disposed of after Helen’s goons wrapped it inside the carpet.

Some fans sought consolation in the possibility that Helen may have decided to use Marty’s crematorium to dispose of Sue’s body. That theory is outright wrong and hilarious, though, since Wendy asked Marty “if his ashes were heavy” after the cremation, meaning whoever Marty cremated was a man.

5 Possibly True: The Byrdes Get Zeke Back

Ozark-Pastor Mason and Baby Zeke

The Masons were an innocent church family that got caught up in the Snells vs Byrdes turf war. Darlene Snell killed Grace just to send a message to Pastor Mason. The poor pastor lost it and kidnapped Wendy, which in turn got him killed. In the end, both the Snells and the Byrdes were to blame for poor Zeke being an orphan.

Darlene is the one currently doing the parenting, but being a psychopath who lost the only other person that protected her in the world, her death is not very far off. Whether she gives up Zeke willingly or by force, she doesn’t have much of choice, and the Byrdes may get the chance to make amends by raising the poor boy.

4 Hilarious: Navarro Gets Arrested

The Ending of Ozark Season 3

Omar Navarro is the man behind all the money that has caused chaos in the Ozarks, and most of the deaths, of course. He would have died in the cartel wars of Season Three, but the Byrdes saved him because they needed him, but that may not be the case in the fourth season. Helen was willing to betray everyone else except Navarro; the same cannot be said for Wendy and Marty.

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Handing Navarro over to the FBI would be an acceptable ending for the drug lord, with one theory suggesting that Nelson, the hitman, may be the man that turns him in.

3 Possibly True: Marty Goes To Prison

Skylar Gaetner and Jason Bateman in Ozark

Marty Byrde has revolutionized the meaning of money laundering on TV, which is why there is so much denial when it comes to the discussion of his ending. Money laundering is, of course, a crime, and doing it for Mexico’s most brutal cartel only makes it worse. So despite the love all fans have for Marty, he has to face some consequences in the end, and as usual, the only options are death or prison.

Death will be the saddest ending for Marty, and since he is a great father, the writers may choose a different route. That is why the theory of Maya bringing in Marty on some form of charges, even if it is not money laundering, is not out of the picture.

2 Hilarious: Maya Helps Marty Get Out

Jessica Dukes as agent Maya in Ozark Season 3

Roy Petty was too emotionally invested in the Marty Byrde case because he blamed Marty for his mother’s past with drugs. He wasn’t interested in any form of justice for Marty, meaning his tenure would have ended in Marty’s death. Maya, the new agent, looks more composed and ready to negotiate.

When Marty got onto the jet to Mexico, she tried to warn Marty because Helen had turned on him. Unless Maya is keeping some tricks under that sympathetic but understanding look, which is unlikely, she may just be the person that saves Marty.

1 Possibly True: Marty Kills Navarro

Jacob and Darlene Snell and Marty Byrde in Season 2

Ozark is all about a mess that everyone needs a way out of, but they are too invested to walk away. Considering all the main characters in the show, there is only one who is expendable, as far as the fans are concerned. Omar Navarro has to die.

Marty has been the man keeping everything together because his life and that of his family depend on it. Things have been getting tighter since the first season, though, and if anyone can solve everything, it is Marty. He hasn’t killed anyone himself so far, but every fan hopes he will kill Navarro, which may be the best way out for everyone involved.

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